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Does anybody really know what time it is
Does anybody really care
                                                        -Robert Lamm, Chicago Transit Authority

The way I see it, we can go one of two ways on this thing. The first option is what I’m in this blog business for:  to analyze and comment on Longhorn football. In other words, to still give a s….The second option—which I’m seriously inclined to opt for is—I just don’t care anymore.  After all, that’s evidently how a great many of the Longhorn Football players feel.   Ok, I’ll go through with this column as if I still care.

The expectations for this season weren’t all that high taking into consideration that the schedule was one of the most difficult of any team’s in the country.  Nobody was demanding or expecting the Longhorns to compete for a conference championship, or win nine or ten games this season.   But I think it was completely reasonable to expect Charlie Strong’s team to be competitive in all 12 games, to win games against Iowa State, Kansas, Texas Tech, and Rice, and pick up a couple of more wins in games versus West Virginia, California, or Oklahoma State.  A win against Notre Dame, TCU, Oklahoma, or Baylor would be a huge bonus. Charlie Strong

The fact that the Longhorns were not the least bit competitive in three games to date, including the latest debacle against lowly Iowa State, is a disturbing indicator for the probability that Charlie Strong will ever have a championship caliber program at Texas.  If Strong’s teams can’t even be competitive in five out of their last 10 games, and 20 games into his tenure at Texas leads me to believe—even with three or four solid recruiting classes under his belt—that his team’s seasons will always be marred by three or four really disappointing outings.  In short, it’s hard to convince me today that Charlie Strong will ever win more than eight games at Texas.

More to come on this subject Friday.

Over/Under Results

About a week before the 2012 season I had lunch with my friend Art Zeitz. We were talking about the upcoming season for the Longhorns and Art told me flat out that he was drinking the burnt orange Kool-Aid. Those were his words.  He thought 2012 was going to be a return to the glory days for UT.  I felt compelled to try and disabuse him of that notion. We all remember how 2012 turned out.

Well, Art’s not drinking the Kool-Aid any more if his winning entry in the Iowa State Over/Under contest is any indicator. In a week with the highest contestant turnout of the season, when the average score was 4.5, Art scored a 9 to edge out Reed Ramlow for the victory. Art saw right through all the hype over the Longhorns recent success and came very close to a perfect score. It was Art’s second win of the season.

Reed Ramlow is also to be applauded for a great outing with eight correct answers. Incidentally, Art took Reed’s place–when Reed joined the Peace Core and moved to Korea–as my roommate at the fabled Bluffs of Barton apartment complex in 1980. I’ll never forget the day that Reed came in our apartment and announced his plans. Of course I thought it was joke. It wasn’t and the rest is history.

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  1. Charlie and his staff have been exposed and it’s clear that he and they are not up to the task. Massively sub-par personnel/recruiting decisions, un-thinking and unimaginative game plans, total inability to teach the most fundamental aspects of football (i.e., blocking), total inability to motivate and an ugly penchant for throwing players under the bus (all except the over-hyped, underwhelming “J Gray”). Strong has turned “We’re Texas” into “They Didn’t Execute.”

    My lovely wife Cheryl has accused me of making snap decisions regarding houses, cars and likely outcomes of football games after a single quarter. I’ve made another decision and it’s decidedly not “snap,” and backed up by the reality of 8 blow-outs in 21 games of this regime. Charlie Strong needs to be relieved of command — as soon as possible. Getting blown out by TCU or Notre Dame is one thing, blown out by Iowa State, BYU and a crappy Arkansas team is quite another.

  2. Zeitz takes over my slot in the beloved Bluffs, and then has the nerve to shoot me out of the saddle for last weekend’s over/under. I’ll come looking for him when I emerge from the jungle. I recall those blissful Bluff days when, just a short walk away, the Springs were worth the price of admission when gifted with a glance of a tanned lissome goddess who deserved to take her top off. The Springs were so “70’s”, like CTA and Robert Lamm, and a trip there a few years ago confirmed that it should have been locked in time, it just wasn’t the same. Back to Zeitz, he always seemed the analyst type, though I recall I gained a new impression when he hurled those egg mortar shots from the roof of the Sigma Chi house into the detested drive-through at Burger King, followed by the taciturn Sgt. Friday investigation afterwards to interview the victims in full view of the Austin police. Took some balls…anyway, Chuc Mung (congrats) to Art from Viet Nam. (You’re right; fate did take a turn since the announcement in the Bluffs.)

    • Funny where summertime mind-numbing boredom can lead 21-year olds.

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