Kansas State Knee-Jerk Reactions

Told you Sam Ehlinger should be the starter.  That’s a joke, son.

Turns out that Kirk Bohls’ play-calling is pretty good.   Collin Johnson caught several passes on curl and slant routs. Wiping a little egg of my face here.

Tom Herman has to learn that kicking field goals is not unmanly. Assuming Josh Rowland makes the 18-yard field goal in the first quarter attempt that Herman passed on, Texas probably wins the game in less dramatic fashion.  As I commented earlier, had Herman elected to kick a short field goal on the Texas’ opening drive of the second half against Maryland, that game could have turned out differently. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Texas is now 0 for 3 for the season on fourth down inside the opponent’s 5-yard line.

Reggie Hemphill-Mapps might be Texas’ best player.

I thought Shane Buechele did a very good job last year under trying conditions and could be a four year starter. Last night against Kansas State, in addition to all the great runs and throws Sam Ehlinger made, he displayed the “It” factor. We haven’t had a quarterback with “It” since Colt McCoy.  I don’t know yet and neither do you if Ehlinger can sustain his Kansas State performance for an entire season or career, but that it’s a possibility gives me visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

Get healthy, Shane. With Ehlinger’s reckless-abandon running style, we may need you sooner rather than later.

An exhilarating if not exhausting win last night. Now it’s on to Dallas and let’s win there.

Hook ‘eM,


Kansas State Over/Under Results

In only his second game ever, Joe Grubbs won with 8 correct answers. Like the Longhorns, Joe was extended into overtime by Reed Ramlow who also had 8 correct answers. In the tiebreaker, they both whiffed on their picks against the line so it came down to their UT-KSU score prediction. In a photo finish if there ever was one, Joe edged Reed by one point in predicting a Texas four point win to Reed’s three point Texas win prediction.

5 Comments to “Kansas State Knee-Jerk Reactions”

  1. My aggregate under/over is shaping up as a powerful contrary indicator.

  2. Nipped by a true freshman in the Willie Earl O/U! Perhaps only fitting since the frosh Sam the man helped carry the team to victory (cannot call him “Slinging Sammy,” since the Horned Frogs would object, and he does more than sling, but I am in DC and the old Skins fans still recall SB fondly here). Congrats to Joe.

  3. Obviously happy with the Warren score but was surprised they didn’t center the ball for the winning field goal. Would have been a tough angle that close from the left hash.

    • Hey Greg, I thought the exact same thing. I thought they should have kicked the field goal on first down.

  4. A win is a win!!! Thanks for the time you put into this blog and hosting the over/under. All great fun!!!!

    BEAT OU!!!!

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