Oklahoma State Over/Under Results

Oklahoma State Over/Under Results

Mike Frank, D.R. Flower, and John Scott finished regulation in a three-way tie for first with five correct answers in a grueling over/under contest that featured the lowest overall scores on record. The average score was 3.5.  D.R. emerged from the tiebreaker victorious by picking winners Notre Dame and Penn State. John and Mike picked USC and settled for a second place tie.

Helen Frink, Wade Wallace, Andy Garrod, Joe Grubbs, and Wes Peoples tied for fourth place with four correct answers.

In a related note, it seems that one of Texas’ non-conference name brand opponent, USC, is as over rated this year as Texas’ non-conference name brand opponent Notre Dame was in 2016.

My thoughts on Oklahoma State game will be posted this evening along with season-to-date Over/Under standings.



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  1. Now UT is tied with Nebraska in win/loss records. Now which one do you think is the better team?

  2. These young men will surely find the way to start winning these close games, right?

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