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Deja Vous All Over Again

Texas suffers an extreme defensive meltdown (two meltdowns but who’s counting?) and an embarrassing loss on national television.  The defensive coordinator is relieved of his duties. The head coach vows to get it fixed and the death watch begins. I’m describing events in Texas Football in 2013 and here we go again in 2016. What’s going on with the Longhorns was inexplicable in 2013 and it’s inexplicable now.  Five million a year sure doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

There’s no need for me to recount the events that took place at Boone Pickens stadium on Saturday. If you’re reading this you witnessed it for yourself, heard about it, or read about it. Putting histrionics aside let’s review what I thought a month ago about how Texas might fare in 2016.

In my season preview column on September 2, I broke down the season into three sets of games to arrive at my prediction for Texas’ final regular season record.  I’ve included their current record in each set.

Set One

1.Notre Dame
2. Oklahoma
3. Baylor
4. TCU
Set One record: 1-3 (10/3 actual, 1-0)

Set Two
1. Cal
2. Oklahoma St.
3. Kansas St.
4. Texas Tech
Set Two record 2-2 (10/3 actual, 0-2)

Set Three
2. Iowa State
3. West Virginia
4. Kansas

Set Four record: 4-0 (10/3 actual, 1-0)

Willie Earl’s 2016 season prediction: 7-5

As of today, the Horns are still on track to finish 7-5. They can lose all three remaining games in Set One. That’s a done deal right? In Set Two they have to beat Iowa State and West Virginia at home and beat Kansas on the road.  4-0 for Set Two still seems doable don’t you think?

So that brings my 7-5 prediction, and possibly the fate of Charlie Strong’s tenure at Texas, down to the Kansas State and Texas Tech games in Set Three. Can he win both games which are on the road where he’s 1-6 in his last seven?

Kansas State

Heck, KSU averages only 168 passing yards and 31.8 points per game. Texas wins this one easily right?

Texas Tech

Can Strong  improve the pass defense enough by November 5, to hold Texas Tech to say, 400 passing yards (Tech averages 547 per game) and less than 40 points? If so I think his team has a chance because Texas Tech has given up an average of 37 points a game so far this season.  I’m putting this one into the win column for Charlie.

So it pretty much looks like my 7-5 prediction is safe and with it Charlie’s job for one more year right? The rebuild is still on schedule. How they look and the emotions they inspire in their fans getting to 7-5 is irrelevant in this analysis.

I thought you could use some good news today about the Longhorns. 🙂

Hook ‘Em,


Over/Uner Results

In the “Never a bride always a bridesmaid” category, Mike Frank tied for first place again this week with eight correct answers, then lost in the the tiebreaker to the veteran Wade Wallace who returns to the winning circle for the first time this year. Mike and Wade guessed right eight times this week.  Greg Swan finished in solo third with seven correct.

Grader’s Observations

All but one player overestimated the number of turnovers the Texas defense would force.  It will be interesting going forward to see how many ways the Texas defense can continue underperforming.

More than two out of every three players overestimated the special team’s capability in returning kickoffs. As with the defense, it will be interesting to see how futile Texas’ special teams will be in the remaining eight games.

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  1. Predictably, all of the villagers are out with their torches on other less prestigious Longhorn Blogs. Was very surprised to see impassioned defenses of CS by casual fans on social media. I guess that speaks to his likability.

    No turnovers by game 4 is disappointing for a squad led by a defensive specialist. The last time I really enjoyed the program or felt like it was headed in the right direction was during the 2011 season (ah youthful optimism) and that defense had already created 11 turnovers by the 4th game of the season. The youthful secondary led by Dylan Haines’ lost cousin Blake Gideon accounted for 10 of them.

  2. Fire the midget

  3. The midget has to go, worst coach and recruiter in UT history

  4. It will require a quantum-leap improvement for this team to finish 7-5. Quantum-leap improvements seldom occur in the fifth game. I see only one absolute win the rest of the way — Kansas. Every other game will be up for grabs even if the Strong-to-the-rescue-defense plan works out reasonably well. The team is mismanaged across all phases, including the offense, which has become totally predictable. It’s not just me who notices that Buchele is essentially barred from throwing the ball over the middle (the Andrew Beck pass play does not indicate a trend). The offense cannot execute the simplest bubble screen, the Swoopes package is as transparent as Glad Wrap, and the offensive line suddenly doesn’t pass block well enough for Buchele to throw deep. The offense actually has either regressed since game one, or (as I think) has been figured out by opposing defenses. Witness six points in the second half against OSU, which features a defense just as porous as the Longhorn version. Special teams are a total mess, Strong is in a constant haze on the sideline, and the defense, well, I believe last in FBS football in takeaways and scoring kinda speaks for itself. Getting to seven wins means winning five of the last eight. I’ll take it if it somehow happens, mostly because it’ll mean an extra 15 practices and another game (for practice purposes), but I simply don’t see it. And wouldn’t bet on it. He is gone.

    • Speaking of in a haze, my personal favorite for last week was when he attempted to decline the penalty for illegal man down field during the 3rd Quarter.

  5. It would have been difficult to UNDER-estimate the number of turnovers UT would force.
    I don’t know if 7-5 will do it; I guess it depends on what form the 7-5 might take. National media is definitely on death watch.

    • What he said.

      If more of last year’s “close” losses turn into ugly messes he’s gone.

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