Various and Sundry

In my annual tribute to Ben Barnes, I offer various and sundry thoughts and observation on life and the Longhorns on the eve of the Oklahoma State game.

Paper Cowboys

The won-loss record of Oklahoma State’s 2017 opponents is 16-17. If you leave TCU out of the equation—who they lost to 44-31—the record is 10-17.  Oklahoma State has defeated, South Alabama, Tulsa, Pitt, Texas Tech, and Baylor.  I’m not suggesting Oklahoma State is overrated. I’m just saying…

9-3 Anyone?

In Texas’ first six games of the season, they have an inexplicable loss to Maryland and losses to #9 Oklahoma and #11 USC, games that they led in the 4th quarter.  Texas’ remaining six games include #4 TCU, #10 Oklahoma State, and #23 West Virginia.  That’s a tough schedule, but if Texas almost beat USC and Oklahoma, I submit that it’s a reasonable expectation that they could beat Oklahoma State, TCU, and West Virginia, and the rest of their opponents left on the schedule to finish 9-3. As Doyle Lonnegan would say, “You follow?”

“The two things that really drew me to vinyl were the expense and the inconvenience.”

For some reason, my son Bob decided he wanted to own a turntable and begin collecting vinyl albums about a year or so ago.  When he moved backed to Austin in June, I gave him my modest collection of about 75 albums.  If those grooves could talk. But I digress.  Over the last few months, Bob has reported to me the condition of various selections from my old collection. The Rolling Stones’ Hot Rocks and Michael Jackson’s Thriller were noticeably worn compared to others in the collection. Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy a Thrill and Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly were in excellent condition. 

Bob’s most surprising discovery in my collection was, Texas You’re Number One, a recreation of radio broadcasts of the 1969 Texas-Arkansas game and the Texas-Notre Dame 1970 Cotton Bowl game. The record was a birthday gift from my brothers Clayton and David in August 1970.  Frank Glieber, Verne Lundquist, Wes Wise, and Terry Stembridge were the announcers for the recreations. The record included a recording of President Nixon’s presentation of a National Championship plaque to the Longhorns in the locker room after the Arkansas game. I played it a lot.

Texas’ Running Game

Inside Texas is reporting that Redshirt sophomore Kirk Johnson has been practicing with the first team this week and is expected to play against OSU.   He is Johnny Johnson’s son and Collin Johnson’s brother. He looked pretty good in very brief appearances as a freshman in 2015. He was out all of 2016 with a knee injury.  I’m not sure there is a running back in college football who could run behind the Texas line right now. Hope I’m wrong. Inside Texas is also reporting that Connor Williams will be back this season, perhaps as soon as next week. Hope they’re right.

Post Oklahoma Loss Success

Mack Brown’s Texas teams lost five straight to Oklahoma from 2000 to 2005. Brown was able to rally those teams to a 29-4 record after Oklahoma losses.

Still Feelin’ Good

I reported last week that I was feeling good to feel good again about the Longhorns. Honestly, I had a feeling they would beat Oklahoma.  The way Texas ran the ball and defended the pass against Oklahoma, it would rational to be pessimistic about their chances against Oklahoma State and Mason Rudolph.  Call me irrational, but I have the feeling that the Longhorns will beat Oklahoma State on Saturday.

Hook “Em,


Baylor Over/Under

  • Baylor is allowing 223.6 rushing yards per game in 2017
  • Baylor is averaging 281.4 yards a game passing in 2017
  • Tiebreaker: Pick the winners. Scores not necessary

    Oklahoma State @ West Virginia
  • Penn St. @ Ohio St.

4 Comments to “Various and Sundry”

  1. And while we’re advising Herman, would someone please tell him that rolling a right handed QB to the left limits almost all your options.

    • I was wondering if anyone would get Doyle Lonnegan. Very cool.

      Rolled left in the red zone again. Didn’t work. Insanity.

  2. Love the Doyle Lonnegan reference.
    Either we have ZERO confidence in our kicker or something has to change with Herman’s thought process. If we kick a field goal on 4th and 8 from the OU 27 early in the 4th quarter the rest of the game plays out much differently.
    In fact, you can make an argument that we would have won every game with a different field goal philosophy.

  3. Too many mistakes repeated game after game, too many injuries and too many curiously flawed play calls. OSU 38 – Texas 27. Again, hope I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I did notice Kirk Johnson pacing the sidelines at OU game. Appeared ready to go. He’s been the Jordan Shipley of his time. Maybe he’ll be able to spark the moribund ground game.

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