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West Virginia Over/under Results

WVU Over/Under Results

It was yet another barn burner this week with a plot twist at the end.  David Frink, Greg Swan, and Mark Stephan tied for first place with 8 correct answers. Mark Stephan was eliminated when he missed both of his picks as he went with Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Greg and David both went 1-1 picking Oklahoma and Kansas State, so it came down their score predictions for WVU versus the Horns. To clear up any confusion on how the score prediction tiebreaker work, it simply comes down to the most accurate point differential in the predictions. Greg had Texas winning 45-24, that’s a 21-point differential not far off the 18 points that Texas won by. David had Texas 31-24 for a 7-point differential. So, Greg noses out David for the win this week. But there’s good news for David because Greg did not opt in the money ball game, so David takes the $50 bag.  Congrats to David and Greg.

Mike Frank, Mark Adams, Wes People, Mitch Frink, and Tyler Cotton (the protagonist’s namesake in my coming college football novel) tied for fourth place with 7 correct.

Only one player went under on third down conversions for WVU. Just three players went under on 1.5 sacks for Texas.

There was a season high 21 entries which is also in the top 10 all time for the number of entries for one game.  The average score was 5.7


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Fourth Down Showdown

In October of 1977 (there he goes again with the 1977), a week after Texas had defeated Oklahoma in heart-pounding game that concluded with a fourth down goal line stop by Texas in which Johnny Johnson knocked himself out when he tackled Thomas Lott, Texas was playing #8 Arkansas in Fayetteville. Once again the outcome wasn’t decided until late in the fourth quarter when Ham Jones, capping off an 80-yard drive, scored the only touchdown of the game, on 1-yard run that sealed a Texas win 13-9. The touchdown was set up by a 28-yard screen pass and run by Earl Campbell. Though Earl had 188 yards on 34 carries, he lost three fumbles during the game. Two weeks in a row and two dramatic wins over highly ranked bitter rivals that were exhausting watches for Longhorn fans.

I watched the game with my brother David at his duplex off of Barton Springs Rd. Just minutes after the game ended, the phone rang, and I answered. It was my father calling from Reston, Virginia. A nano second after I answered, my father screamed “I’m sick of this s – – t”!  The s – – t he was referring to were the dramatic finishes to the Oklahoma and Arkansas victories.

Back in real time, I’ll bet there are Texas fans that are sick of the current excrement coming from the Texas football team. I’m not one of them. It’s been several years since I’ve been perturbed by UT football, and you know my opinion on Steve Sarkisian.

Bad look?

Squatting on the sideline, staring at his big, laminated play card looking for answers as his team falters down the stretch, Steve Sarkisian looks in over his head.

Just the facts ma’am

Courtesy of Rod Babers here are some bad facts on Steve Sarkisian’s coaching record.

– He’s 1-6 in road games in 2021 and ‘22

– He’s lost 5 games in which Texas was leading in the second half in 2021 and ’22.

– Dating back to 2010, 80% of college football teams that have the lead to start the second half win.

-Dating back to 2010, 84% of college football teams that have the lead starting the 4th quarter win.

– In his tenure at Texas, 4 of his 7 wins have come against non-power 5 opponents. For the record, those wins were against ULM, UTSA, Louisiana, and Rice.

-He’s 3-6 in the Big 12.

– His overall record at Texas is 7-9.

– In his head coaching record overall, he’s won 38% of the games versus head coaches that have won 60% or more of their games.


After the Texas Tech game, a reader texted me his observation that the Texas offense was vanilla and stale with a lack of varied formations and motion during the second half.  This is a point that Rod Babers has been harping on and breaking down all week on his talk show. Willie Earl has readers that are experts.

During the game a reader texted me that Pete whatever his name is, the Texas defensive coordinator, should be fired after the game. I agree. During the game another reader texted me that Texas will win no more than 5 games this season. I can’t go all the way to agreement with that but give me a few days. I also received a text offering testosterone replacement.

A reckoning?

I read a book a few years ago by an author who was an alcoholic and after ruining yet again another family gathering with her drinking, she decided to quit drinking forever. And I read that George Bush 43, woke up hungover after bender celebrating his fortieth birthday and decided to stop drinking.

Could Steve Sarkisian, after blowing yet another second half lead against Texas Tech by repeating for the umpteenth time some of his coaching bad habits, have decided this week to stop ruining family gatherings (Texas football games) and break those habits?

We may soon find out.

Hook ‘Em,


Author’s note        

The title for this column was partially inspired by the Clair Bee book, “Fourth Down Showdown”. I read it when I was in the sixth grade. Good read.

Willie Earl’s Song of the Week

This song is a shout out to Tom, Andy, Bob, Molly, Kate, and Zach

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Texas Tech Over/Under Results

Wow. What an exciting Over/Under contest that came down to the final tiebreaker. David Frink, Wade Wallace, Dan Adams, David Bergstrom, Clayton Frink, and Greg Swan tied for first with 7 correct answers. That’s a 6-way tie folks.

Wade Wallace, Dan Adams, and David Bergstrom were eliminated by picking Baylor and North Carolina against the Spread. Baylor was right, Carolina was wrong. David Frink, Clayton Frink, and Greg Swan got both picks right. David and Greg both predicted a Texas win by 38-20. Clayton Frink predicted a Texas win by 33-18. Obviously, Greg, David, and Clayton were way off the mark on their score predictions, but someone has to win and that someone was Clayton who was slightly more measured in his optimism gets the W.

There were 10 money ball players so Clayton bags 50 big ones for his effort. I might actually pay him. 😊.

The contest took a big turn on question #8 which was 40.5 yards for the longest run by Bijan. His longest run was 40 yards. If Bijan had gone for 41 on that run, David and Wade would have finished in tie for first all by themselves with 8 correct answers and David would have won because Wade picked North Carolina. In the infamous words of Maxwell Smart, David missed it by that much.

There were 18 entrants in all. Only two players predicted that largest lead of the game would be under 12.5. Only 3 players picked Tech to score first. The average score was 5.7.

I will give you my reactions to the game probably tomorrow evening. To quote Lyndon Johnson on his reaction to Robert Kennedy entering the primaries for the Democratic nomination for president. “You might not want to hear all my reactions this morning.”


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The Era of Good Feelings

Without reading further, do you know what and when was described as “Era of Good Feelings.”?

Give up? Here’s the Wikipedia description. “The Era of Good Feelings” marked a period in the political history of the United States that reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans in the aftermath of the War of 1812.

This week, hearing the good feelings of Texas fans and sports writers and commentators ranging from Kirk Bohls to Joel Klatt, I thought, we are in a time of good feelings about Steve Sarkisian’s Texas Football team. The phrase “Era of Good Feelings” was specifically what came to my mind. I knew the phrase from somewhere, so I used the Google machine to research it and voila there it was. I think I learned it in my sixth-grade history class. Sixth grade was one of my favorite years. Avid readers of this blog know this, but I digress.

It’s been a while since good feelings have surrounded Texas Football.

In August of 1998 a few weeks before Mack Brown’s debut, I ran into and old fraternity brother Mike Barragan. He remarked ironically something to the affect that there sure is a positive vibe about Mack Brown, but we haven’t played a game.

In this current era of the positive vibe, Texas has beaten two teams with about 10% of UT money and resources and played a tantalizingly close game against Nick Saban’s Alabama dynasty. I might be the only Texas fan who took that close loss with a grain of salt. But I’m always the cynic.  

The Texas Tech game this afternoon in Lubbock presents Sarkisian and his Longhorns a chance to validate this current era of good feelings.  It’s the first road game of the year for Texas and the sellout crowd will be loud and hostile. Texas has won six in a row in Lubbock, the last loss was that game that we don’t talk about here. So, if we’re to believe that this 2022 version of Texas is better than past teams the Horns should roll against this Tech turnover machine. Two Texas Tech quarterbacks have combined for seven interceptions, (two of them pick sixes).

Tech’s defense has been statistically good giving up only 294 yards a game but are really kind of a paper tiger when you consider their opponents so far: Murray State an FCS team, Houston a 1-2 team that is sputtering on offense and North Carolina State, the 12th ranked team in the country attributable mostly to their defense which is 16th in the country giving up only 12 points per game.

So, it’s put up or shut up time for Steve Sarkisian and his Longhorns. Sarkisian hasn’t been shy this past year about touting this team’s leadership and culture. If he’s right about that, combined with Texas’s overwhelming advantage in talent and depth versus Texas Tech, his team should take the tortilla flinging crowd out of the game early and cruise to a 34-16 win.

Lose, and this era of good feelings could be the shortest era on record.

Follow up

Last week I mentioned that I was getting the feeling that Quinn Ewers would start the Tech game. Now I’m thinking the news that Ewers has practiced this week and is making the trip to Lubbock might just be a feint by Sarkisian to make the Texas Tech coaches think a little more about game planning. We’ll see.

Hook ‘Em,


Willie Earl’s Song of the Week

The Boz. Reminds me of hanging out at the Sig Ep house in the fall of 1976

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UTSA Over/Under Results

We had quite an exciting contest this week that included the first week of Over/Under Money Ball. 9 players wagered this week.  Wade Wallace, Helen Frink, and Zach Moorhead-Rosenberg tied for second with seven correct answers. Seven was an exceptional score this week because the staff had to throw out the question on the second leading receiver by receptions for Texas because two players had 5 catches. Bad on us for formulating a flawed question.

I said that it was an exciting contest, and it came down to the tiebreaker. Dan Yoxall and Mark Adams tied with eight correct answers which means they only missed one question. Mark Adams nosed out Dan by an eyelash by picking Miami and OU which were both winners against the line. Dan picked A&M and Oklahoma. Dan, I know you’re a levelheaded guy, but how could you pick the Aggies. 😊

Congratulations to Dan and Mark.

Mark takes home $45 for his win this week. Mark, please stay your humble self.


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