Kansas Post-Game

You Know What I’ve Noticed?

I’m very observant. I’m also an excellent driver. Anyway,here are just a few of the things I’ve noticed about the Longhorns and life in general.

D’Onta Foreman had a 93-yard touchdown run against Kansas, an 81 yard run against Oklahoma, and has a 6.9 yard per carry average for the season. Yet, Jonathan Gray, with a 4 yard per carry average, whom can only imagine in his wildest dreams a 93-yard touchdown run, is the starter and get 41% more carries than Foreman.  Hey Charlie, take your “J Gray” and s…….t.

In his press conference today when asked about Gray getting more carries than Foreman, Charlie Strong said “we don’t count carries,” in his next breath he said how many carries each of them had versus Kansas.  Keep counting Charlie. Maybe the light will come on.

Speaking of underperforming seniors, guard Cedric Flowers and center Taylor Doyle block absolutely nobody on about half of Texas’ offensive plays. Yet Strong says they’re key leaders. Go figure.

In my last column I wrote that you could access an article by Scipio Tex “here,” but there was no there “here.” So here it actually is.

People in their twenties think almost everything is “amazing.”

The clock in Jerrod Heard’s head doesn’t function when he drops back to pass.

Speaking of passing, Jay Norvell must have found out sometime before the Kansas game that it’s legal to throw a forward pass over the middle.

When I’ve misplaced something, I almost always find it in the last place I look.

Kansas has a really good basketball team.

If Baylor was 8-0 having played Texas’ schedule, they would be #1. So we got the going for us; which is nice.

I live a drive and eight iron away from the elementary school my kids walked or rode bikes to when they attended just a few years ago. Okay more like 13-16 years ago. Now-a-days I see almost all the kids being dropped off and picked up.  That’s a little bit sad. I’ll never forget finding a dead Diamondback rattle snake on my way home from school when I was in second grade.  When I was in third grade, from the classroom window, I saw our family’s dog Teddy running around the schoolyard. My teacher, Miss Shipp, let me leave school to take him home. Shockingly, I lived to tell the tale.

Ok, no more social commentary.

On “Swoopes there it is!” It seems like a 4-5 team that ranks #101 in total offense shouldn’t have a chant for an offensive player. Or any player of any kind. Just saying.

The second quarter of the Kansas game was the worst college football I’ve ever witnessed in person. Looking on the bright side, only about 60,000 people were there to see it.

Over/Under Results

Wade Wallace who has won twice this year and has been knocking on the door for his third win for weeks finally, as Bum Phillips would say, kicked it in this week winning his third Over/Under of year by posting nine correct answers. Mark Adams and D.R. Flowers tied for second with eight correct.

The “Not So Fast” Lock of the Week

Willie Earl came down to earth this week with his pick of Houston -8 versus Cincinnati. Houston won 33-30. Oh well, four out of five ain’t bad. We’ll give it the old college try again on Friday.

HooK ‘eM,


What Say You?