Alamo Bowl Over/Under Results

After a season of Over/Under barnburners, the Alamo Bowl edition did not go to overtime and it was very tough sledding for most of the players. The average score was 4.8. I would have to check my records to verify but I’m guessing that’s the lowest average of the season.

Dan Adams emerged from the bloodbath to win the final contest with 7 correct answers.  David Frink and Clayton Frink tied for second in the Alamo Bowl with six correct answers.

It’s Dan’s third Moneyball win of the season. In one of his Moneyball wins he lost the tiebreaker to Helen Frink for the outright win but collected the money because Helen was ineligible for Moneyball. David Frink, Clayton Frink, Dan Yoxall, and Helen Frink joined Dan with two outright wins for the season.

Dan Adams’ Alamo Bowl win propelled him to a first-place finish in the race for the most correct answers for the season with 87 correct. Mark Adams finished second with 83, David Frink third with 82, Greg Swan fourth with 80, and Clayton Frink fifth with 77.

Thanks to all the players who participated in 2022.  You can only imagine how much I enjoy formulating the weekly questions and reviewing and reporting the results. It’s truly a labor of love.

I can’t wait for next year.


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