Colorado Over/Under Results

There was a nice “Holiday Season” turnout for the Colorado Over/Under with 15 players entering.  Jeff Otto scored a most impressive nine correct answers and wins the final contest of the season. I kind of think this is Jeff’s second win all time.

In a fine performance that in many weeks would have earned first place honors, Mark Stephan finished second with eight correct  

Reed Ramlow took third by himself with seven correct.

David Bergstrom, Steve Holstead, Greg Swan, Mike Frank, and Andy Garrod finished in tie for fourth with six correct.  

The question “More total yards from scrimmage, Bijan Robinson or Jake Smith” turned out to be a gimme as every player picked Robinson.  What was I thinking when I came up with that question?  I don’t think the question, “6.5 points scored by Texas in the first quarter” was a gimme but every player astutely got it right. Only four players went “over” for total points scored in the game.

The average score was 5.67.

All things being equal, Willie Earl’s Over/Under will be back Friday September 3, 2021. Looking forward to it.


5 Comments to “Colorado Over/Under Results”

  1. Thanks for all the fine research and writing, WE. You keep the flame burning. Like the ‘Horns, I hope for a better year next year!

  2. Bill, been a lot of fun playing the O/U game.
    I fo have a question for you
    Who won most tackles, as I have seen 3 with 5
    Plus, there is still a Clemson game, no big deal, as Jeff has us all

    • Overshown, Jerrin Thompson, and Reese Leitao each had six tackles.

  3. Like Herman in bowl outings, I’m glad to close the O/U season with a couple respectable finishes, earning coveted Willie mentions. Casey Thompson did look good. It’d be cool to have a narrative of the OKC boy whose dad played QB for OU to lead the Horns to victory in next year’s Red Rivalry match. If Sam decides to return, Thompson would likely say sayonara, rightfully so. Would put TH in a quandary. Thanks for yet another stellar year of analysis and fun, WE. I won’t say the dreaded two alliterative words that begin with “S.” Just Hook ‘em.

  4. It was the first substantive play that I can recall for Casey Thompson but he acquitted himself well. I am encouraged. I think Sam is gone and should be for his own good. Back-up QB in the NFL is a good gig. Many thanks to Willie Earl for consistently good writing all season long.

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