Kansas Over/Under Results

What do the Willie Earl Over/Under players have in common with the Texas Football Longhorns?  They both blew up the scoreboard Saturday. While Texas was scoring 55, the Over/Under players were averaging a stunning 7.4 correct answers and the players who got 7 correct tied for ninth place in a 16-player field! The over/under questions were as easy to solve as was the Kansas defense.

Jeff Otto and Dan Yoxall tied for first place with 9 correct answers so once again the winner was decided by the tiebreaker.  Here, Jeff stumbled with both his picks, Oklahoma State and West Virginia being losers. Jeff always bets on his home state school, West Virginia. He once placed a $10 bet in the preseason on the Mountaineers to win the national championship. I think the odds were something like 500-1. Dan went one for two with Oklahoma State and Kansas State so, for the second time in three games Dan Yoxall wins!  Dan takes home $35 for the effort.

Mike Frank, Dan Adams, Mitch Frink, Greg Swan, Andy Garrod, and Steve Holstead tied for third with 8 correct answers. There’s something all but one of these players have in common. What is it? It’s something more unique than being old.

As I mentioned above, there were 16 players this week which was the second fewest of the season. I’m sure this was due to the site being down Friday night and most of Saturday morning. I think we have our issues thoroughly resolved now.

Every player predicted Texas would lead at halftime and that Texas would have the game’s leading rusher. Only three players picked Kansas to average more yards per play than Texas. The question that the most players missed was which team would score more points in the 4th quarter with 8 players going with Kansas.