Kansas State Over/Under Results

On a day when the average score was 4.55, four players shined. Zach Moorhead and Dan Yoxall tied for first place with 8 correct answers. Zach and Dan both picked a winner, Georgia and a loser, Clemson against the line. So, it came down to their score predictions to determine the winner. Zach had Texas losing 35-17. Dan predicted a Texas road victory 35-31 so Dan wins this week. I’m not sure, but I think it’s Dan’s first win ever. Dan takes home $40 for the effort. Congratulations Dan!

D.R. Flower and Helen Frink tied for third place with 7 correct answers which blew away the field’s average of 4.55.

Interestingly enough, no player scored a 6.

Zach Moorehead and D.R. Flower were the only two plyers who predicted Texas would score less than 10.5 points in the second half.

We had another large field with 22 players.

Study up your stat sheets this week for the biggest game in Austin for the Longhorns in a while.


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