Louisiana Tech Over/Under Results

Andy Garrod and John Scott tied for first place in the Over/Under season opener with eight correct answers. Interestingly enough — not only did they tie — they also share the same birthday. Not only do they share a birthday, they were both born on the same day in 1956.

In the tiebreaker, John emerged as the winner going one-for-two in picking winners against the line. He won with Boise State and lost with Houston.   Andy went o-for-two picking Florida St. and Houston.

Clayton Frink and Rick Mosher tied for third with seven correct.

They average score amongst the 17 participants was 5.9.  That’s a little high from the perspective of our question formulator.  The formulator will try to make the LSU contest more difficult.


I thought the Longhorns looked very good – not great – against Louisiana Tech.  With LSU coming this week, very good is better than great in my opinion as the Horns needed to save plenty snap, crackle and pop for the Tigers.

Stay tuned, more on Louisiana Tech and LSU coming Friday.


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