LSU Over/Under Results

In a near record turnout of 21 players, young Hunter Stephan (I knew him when) emerged from the crowd winning the LSU Over/Under with a superlative nine correct answers.  Going forward – when Hunter chooses to shows up – he’s going to be a force in this game.

David Frink and Steve Holstead tied for second with eight correct. Wes Peoples, Tom Yoxall, Colby Malek, Tyler Cotton, and Mitch Lewis tied for third with seven correct.

The average score was six. The staff at Willie Earl consider that a loss for the question formulators. Our goal is an average of less than 5.5.


On Another Night

On another night when Keaontay Ingram doesn’t drop that pass, the opposing quarterback doesn’t do his best impression of Joe Montana, and the Longhorn secondary is more seasoned and experienced, the home team wins in front of an adoring crowd.

Still bullish on the Horns here.

More on LSU and Rice coming Friday.

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  1. Horns’ Defense after two games now ranks 120 nationally or worse in all statistical categories. Lot of fixing to do with Okie State in two weeks, OU in a month. Will take a Herculean coaching effort because there simply are a few key player ingredients missing, like a D-Line that does more than simply stuff up the middle, linebackers in the proper drops and secondary personnel that can come out of a timeout (like, with 2:38 left on a third and 17) and know where to line up and who’s on whom. Fix all that and these Horns will be a team to like even more than Willie Earl does. Alas, no sacks by a D-lineman is quite a coaching challenge. Color me only hopeful.

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