Oklahoma State Over/Under Results

Congratulations to the field of 17. Your average score at 6.4, is the highest of the year and puts this one in the loss column for Willie Earl.  The field was spotted a point when no one took the bait and guessed that the Horns would have a kick blocked.  Only player in the field was correct in going under on the largest lead of the game at 11.5.

The only player who got the largest lead question right was Al Locascio and his nine correct answers tied for first place with Mike Frank. Mike wins this week by edging Al in the tiebreaker by going one for two on the pick ‘ems. Al got both wrong by picking Penn St. and Dallas to beat the spread against Ohio St. and Philadelphia. Congratulations to Mike and Al.

Al, I wish you simplify the spelling of your last name, so I didn’t have to copy and paste it from your entry every time you make the news.

Mark Stephan took third place all by himself with eight correct. D.R. Flower, Clayton Frink, Greg Swan, and Tyler Cotton tied for fourth with seven correct.

I think I’ve mentioned this in years gone by but looking over the names of the entrants each week is like a “This is Your Life” television episode for me.


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  1. Mike Frank still thinks and hopes Onama will be POTUS tomorrow
    Take that, Mike

  2. Frank sucks

  3. Spell it like it sounds Bill

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