TCU Over/Under Results

I know I’m being redundant, but we had yet another barnburner this week in Over/Under.  Wes Peoples and Steve Holstead were nearly perfect, and they tied for first place with 9 correct answers. Steve’s only wrong answer was predicting a non-quarterback would throw a pass. Wes’s only stumble was picking Ewers over Duggan for the most touchdown passes.  In the tiebreaker both Steve and Wes picked Kansas State to cover versus Baylor which was correct and the Cowboys to cover versus the Packers which was a loser. So once again the contest came all the way down to the score prediction of the TCU Texas game. Both players predicted Texas would win. Steve had it 27-20 in Texas’ favor while Wes had Texas 28-24. Since Texas lost by 7, Wes prevails with his four-point spread in Texas’ favor to Steve’s 7-point spread. Congratulations to Wes!  I seem to recall that Wes won one of these last year or the year before.

Interestingly enough, Wes and Steve weren’t money ball players. So, who won the money?  That would be Eric Vogl who finished alone in third place with 8 correct answers. Mr. Vogl plays Over/Under about as often as Tiger Woods plays a regular PGA tour event. Eleven players opted in for money ball this week, so Eric takes home $55.

Mark Stephan, Dan Adams, Wade Wallace, Helen Frink, and Zach Moorhead tied for fourth with 7 correct.

We had 22 players again this week, another healthy turnout just one short of the season high of 23. Only 6 players correctly went under on17.5 points for Texas in the first half. In what turned out to be a gimme question, only three players went with no for the team with the most time of possession would win the game. When I formulated that question, I was thinking Texas might win the game throwing it around 35-40 times while having less than 30 minutes of possession. Texas thew it 39 times and had only 22:38 in time of possession.

The average score was 5.9

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