A Fact, A Possibility, and Kansas Over/Under Results


Since 2016, Kansas has beaten Texas more times than Texas has beaten Oklahoma.


If Texas loses their last two regular-season games and Kansas wins one of their two remaining games, Kansas will finish higher in the Big 12 standings than Texas based on the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Kansas Over/Under Results

Dan Adams and Mitch Lewis tied for first place this week with seven correct answers. Dan edged Mitch in the tiebreaker going one for two with his picks of Penn State which was wrong and the Cowboys which was right. Mitch went ofer in the tiebreaker picking Penn State and the Falcons.

Andy Garrod, Mike Frank, David Frink, and Wade Wallace tied for third with six correct answers.

Only two of 17 players predicted that Kansas would ever take the lead during the game. Those two players did not place in the top six.

Interesting that only five of 17 players guessed that the total points scored would be an even number. I would have expected a fairly even distribution on that question.

The average score was 4.8.


4 Comments to “A Fact, A Possibility, and Kansas Over/Under Results”

  1. Lil Mikey might be right
    Our young receivers seem like they bring leadership and toughness we lack everywhere else

  2. Ol Mikey Frank might be on to something. Our young receivers seem to be our team leaders in both performance on the field and in backbone too. We need some serious heart

  3. Daniels the QB started for Kansas for the 1st time in 2021.
    He played really well and Kansas is a different team with him at QB.

  4. Stunning but I was incredibly impressed with our intestinal fortitude for the 1st time all year. We could have easily mailed it in after Bijon went down but we played hard.

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