Alabama Over/Under Results

David Frink and Mark Adams tied for first place this week in a hard fought battle with lots of bumbs and bruises with 7 correct answers. David outlasted Mark in the tiebreaker going 1 for 2 in the pick ’ems with Tennessee, right, USC, wrong. Mark had Pitt and USC which were both losers. Both players played outstanding with 7 correct given that the scoring average was 5.05.

Mitch Frink, Homer Mark, Wade Wallace, and Tyler Cotton (classic QB name) tied for second with 6 correct answers.


5 Comments to “Alabama Over/Under Results”

  1. Missed entering
    But I want my $ back
    Crooked as it gets on too many calls/no calls

  2. Bill, USC was a winner. Can we have a recount? Mark Adams

  3. USC beat Stanford 41-28

  4. Bill, USC beat Stanford 41 -28. Wasn’t the line 9? If so, Mark picked Pitt and USC correctly.

  5. Wow, not sure if I’ve ever won! Maybe a long time ago. Hook ‘Em!

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