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I went to Austin Shoe Hospital this week to see if they had burnt orange/bronze shoe polish for a pair of my golf shoes that are only about a year old but have faded quite dramatically in Texas sun.  The clerk assumed that I was so excited about the Longhorns performance that I was looking for burnt orange shoe polish for general purposes. I wasn’t. It was totally coincidental that I was in the neighborhood of this location a couple of days after the Alabama game. I had needed some special polish for these shoes for some time now. The clerk went on about how great Texas was now yada, yada, yada. 

A longtime friend of mine and reader of the blog called me to discuss the Over/Under results and wanted to know why I hadn’t made it a money game yet.  He also went on to gush over how great Texas’s line play was on both sides of the ball was versus Alabama.  My friend and the Shoe Hospital clerk are a pretty accurate reflection of where the Longhorn fan base is right now.

I’m thinking, let’s all calm down a little bit and reflect a little bit more coolly about the where the Longhorns are after the Alabama game.  Here are a few facts about the game that we should all take under advisement.

1. Alabama committed 17 penalties. This was not normal for them by a long shot and certainly was a big factor in keeping the game close.

2. Alabama rarely plays on the road in September and coming into Austin and playing in a hostile environment was a new experience for them.

3. My friend gushed over Texas’s line play, but our offensive line got their first and second team quarterbacks injured. Also, Texas rushed for only 79 yards and averaged just 2.9 yards per rush.

4. Texas scored only one touchdown on five trips to the redzone. That’s just like the Texas offense for the past oh, I don’t know, 12 years?

I will elaborate more on this Friday evening or Saturday morning when my work and family obligations have calmed down a bit.

Until then,

Hook “Em,


I finally got some feedback on making the Over/Under a money game. This is what the staff at Willie Earl has decided.  There will be two options for players.

1.Enter the money game with a $5 entry fee. Winner takes all.

2. Enter just for fun. No entry fee required. This type of entry is ineligible to win the pot.

3. Helen Frink is not eligible for the money game. She’s just too good and it wouldn’t be fair. 🙂

To enter the money game, send $5 via Venmo to me @Bill-Frink. If you don’t have a Venmo account get one. It’s free. If you’re too old and tired to learn Venmo, contact me via email and we’ll work out a payment option for you.

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