Alamo Bowl Over/Under Results

With apologies for the tardiness, (I took a Holiday from anything remotely resembling work during the Holiday Season), here are the results of the Alamo Bowl Over/Under.

We had a pretty good turnout considering the Horns 7-5 regular season.  Mark Adams and Mike Frank tied for first place with eight correct answers.  They both went 1-1 in the first round of the tiebreaker by picking Baylor and Alabama so the contest came down to the Alamo Bowl score prediction. They both predicted the Horns would win but Mike’s prognostication of a 38-24 victory for the Horns gave him the win over Mark’s 28-21 prediction.  Certainly a fine performance by both finalists.

David Frink, David Bergstrom, Clayton Frink, Dan Yoxall, Kelly Malek, and Wes Peoples tied for third with six correct.


In years gone by I’ve threatened to author off-season columns but I haven’t since the summer of 2011 with The Unfinished Odyssey of Mack Brown

I’m threatening again.

Hook ‘em,


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  1. make it a promise, not a threat.

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