Baylor Over/Under Results

Mark Homer Stephan broke through for his first win of the season this week—maybe his first win ever—with seven correct answers.

For the second week in a row there was a large logjam for second place involving players with six correct answers. Last week seven players tied for second. This week there were six that included Greg Swan, Mitch Lewis, Wes Peoples, Clayton Frink, Wade Wallace, and Helen Frink.

Game Notes

  1. It was another large field with 18 players.
  2. Only five players picked Baylor to score first which they did.
  3. Only one player picked Baylor quarterbacks to have less than 1.5 touchdown passes. Robert Brewer, excuse me, Charlie Brewer threw two.
  4. The average score was 5.1

Recently I was asked if I ever play Over/Under. I’m sure that’s been a burning question for many of you.  I did once maybe seven or eight years ago but my game is devising questions that limit the scoring average to around five.  I consider it a loss if the scores average six correct answers or more. I consider it a win if the winner has seven or fewer correct answers or if the scoring average is below five.

Pardon me while I pat myself on the back for winning this week.

See you Friday.


What Say You?