Baylor Over/Under Results

College football analyst Steve Holstead wins his first Over/Under this year with an outstanding performance posting eight correct answers.

Andy Garrod, David Frink, Reed Ramlow, and Tom Yoxall tied for second with seven correct answers.

Just two of the 13 players went over on 27.5 carries for Bijan Robinson and only two went under on 1.5 sacks for Baylor.

The average score was an absolutely average 5.4.

We need a big turnout this week for Iowa State to get the Longhorn’s ship turned around.


2 Comments to “Baylor Over/Under Results”

  1. Only questions-not comments- that’s for you experts

    Why does Sark squat on the sidelines? Back problems?
    Might help to stand up and get agitated a little. Or put on a suit and Landry hat.

    UT O & D linesmen–Big, Strong but not quick. Smaller lines have eaten our lunch for years.

    • Hi Darrel,

      Thanks for checking in.

      I agree that Sark’s game face isn’t confidence-inspiring.

      The offensive line is slow but they make up for it by not blocking.

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