Baylor Post-Game

Core Values and Cardinal Sins

Charlie Strong’s core values have garnered him plenty of attention, kudos, and widespread support from the Texas fan base. Strong needs to add special team fundamental execution and competence to his coaching core values. Strong’s special teams have committed cardinal sins in the last three games possibly costing Texas wins against UCLA and Baylor.
Special teams gave up a back breaking punt return given up to UCLA, had field goal attempts blocked against Kansas and Baylor, and they allowed the Baylor punter to run untouched for 19 yards on a fourth and five which lead to Baylor’s second touchdown on Saturday. It’s not unreasonable to speculate that Texas could be 4-1 if Strong’s special teams had performed to just an average level of competency.  Charlie Strong

If I was in charge, the starting quarterback who has the second to the lowest quarterback rating in the Big 12, whose team is 104th in passing offense in the country, and who fumbled snaps on the goal line two weeks in a row, loses his job. Period. It’s that arbitrary in my opinion.

Strong has two big messes he needs to clean up. It’s not that complicated.

We’ll talk more on Friday.

Beat OU

HooK ‘eM,


The Baylor Over/Under drew the largest field of entrants of the year so far and it was an exciting contest with a three way tie for first. Newcomer Zach Frank, Steve Holstead, and Mike Archuleta answered eight questions correctly. In the tiebreaker Zach and Steve both picked Baylor and Michigan State to win but Zach’s predictions on the final scores were a tad closer to the actuals so Zach Frank, in his very first start, wins the Baylor Over/Under. Congratulations young fella.

Helen Frink and Clayton Frink tied for fourth with seven correct answers.

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  1. I’m gonna predict that another similar outing by Swoopes this week — despite fact that it’s big bad OU — will yield playing time for young Mr. Heard. It appears certain that Strong is stubborn, but I’m guessing not stupid. On the other hand, he’s gonna make about $15 million for 2014, 2015 and 2016 whether he’s coaching at UT or not. That’s a lot of F-Y money.

  2. At least I’m in good 9the best) company.

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