Beat Kansas State

This is a big game for Steve Sarkisian and his coaching staff. As Texas lost to Kansas and upped their losing streak to six against West Virginia, the analysis of this disastrous season has focused on the need to upgrade the roster. Sure, what roster in college football couldn’t use some upgrades here and there. But the more glaring problem for Texas—in my opinion—isn’t the roster it’s the coaching staff. There’s absolutely no excuse for this staff to have a losing record with these players let alone 4-7. No one had a realistic expectation that this team would compete for a final four playoff berth, but a berth in the Big 12 Championship was a realistic expectation.

I have real doubts about Sarkisian and his staff’s capability to win any game. Losing to Kansas will do that to you. Whether or not Texas is competing for a bowl bid in this final game of the regular season, this staff desperately needs a win to prove it can beat somebody, anybody.

Imagine Texas extends its losing streak to seven with a loss to Kansas State. How confident are you that they can start next season with a win over Louisiana Monroe? Texas’s next two games after that are against Alabama and UTSA. Think about it.

PLEASE, please please, please beat Kansas State.

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  1. I’m disappointed in the coaching and they certainly haven’t shown themselves to be good “game day” coaches, but no matter the defensive scheme or play selection, the coaches are not the ones missing blocks, missing tackles, not executing, etc. – getting beat 1 on 1 on offense and defense.

  2. If Texas wins, I promise I will attend a game next season wearing a leopard shirt just like the frontman (Steve Perry) for Journey.

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