Kansas State Over/Under Results

It was tough sledding for the contestants in this final game of the season. The average score was an all-time low of 4.  Dan Adams, Mark Adams, and Mitch Lewis tied for first in regulation with six correct answers. Mitch picked Kansas and Alabama in the tiebreaker while Mark and Dan picked Kansas and Auburn. Kansas and Auburn were the winning picks. So, Mitch was eliminated while Mark and Dan proceeded to the final tiebreaker, predicting the final score of the Kansas State Texas game. It was photo finish my friends. Mark predicted Texas would win 35-28.  Dan predicted Texas would win 34-28. Since the final score was Texas 22-17, a five-point differential, Dan by the slimmest of margins beat out Mark by one point. Wow, what a finish. For those of you who don’t know, Mark and Dan are brothers. Dan is the oldest. Make of that what you will.

Only one of the 15 contestants correctly went under on 12.5 total points scored in the fourth quarter. Just three of 15 picked Michigan over Ohio State against the line.

On Friday, I will post my final column of the year with a season recap of Over/Under and some parting thoughts (shots) on the Longhorns season.