Buechele Should be the Starter

I wrote on this here website after the Kansas State game that Sam Ehlinger had “It.” First of all, if I’d known that every other blogger, talking head, and newspaper columnist who does commentary on Texas football was going use the exact same adjective, I would have tried to be more original. Second of all, I still think he has “It” but for the rest of this year I think Shane Buechele gives Texas the best chance of winning.

Here’s why. Ehlinger’s default mode is running. I like a quarterback who can run as much as anyone. But in the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State games, Ehlinger was running on several plays instead of throwing to open receivers. I don’t know if it was because he didn’t see them—sometimes it appeared that he was looking right at them—or because he’s more comfortable making plays running rather than passing.  As good a runner as he is, Reggie Hemphill-Mapps, L’il Jordan Humphrey, Jerod Heard and John Burt are better.  The offense is more explosive when those guys are running with the ball after a catch instead of Ehlinger.

Buechele is a better passer than Ehlinger. He’s more accurate and he can read coverages better than Ehlinger. He’s completing 72% to Ehlinger’s 56%. Buechele’s passer rating is higher no matter which rating system you prefer. Bottom line, Buechele is better at getting the ball into the hands of the aforementioned playmakers.

Some Texas fans may want to forget that it was Ehlinger’s fumble in overtime against USC and his interception in overtime against Kansas State that killed Texas’ chance to win those games.  All quarterbacks make mistakes and turn the ball over, but right now Buechele takes better care of the ball than Ehlinger does.

At this point in Ehlinger’s career and the 2017 season he would be better as the relief, change-of-pace quarterback than the starter. I have a hunch Tom Herman and Tim Beck have reached the same conclusions on their quarterbacks as I have.

Gary Patterson

Since TCU joined the Big 12 in 2012, they are 4-1 against Texas including wins the last three years by scores of, 31-9, 50-7, 48-10. In Charlie Strong vernacular, this is all about coaching. Gary Patterson coached the pants off Strong with two and three star recruits versus Strong’s three, four, and five star recruits. This year’s match up presents Tom Herman with a golden opportunity to show Texas fans that he’s worthy of the hype of expectations that accompanied his hire and his hefty salary.

Special Teams, Texas-TCU

In a game with two good defenses, it could be decided by special teams play. TCU Special Teams are ranked #1 in the country by Football Outsiders advanced metrics. Texas—Michael Dickson aside—not so much. TCU’s kicker is seven for seven on the season. Josh Rowland is seven for thirteen and he has had two blocked.  I like Texas’ chances in this game. If they lose I’m won’t be surprised if the difference was special teams play.

It’s past time for Texas to get over the hump against a highly ranked opponent. How ‘bout Texas over TCU 20-17?  If only wishing could make it come true.

Now you’re chunking in there Astros! 





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  1. We MUST beat TCU on the field AND scoreboard if we intend to and are going to rejoin the Major Leagues
    How bout my Colt45s?

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