Championship Week Over/Under Results

In a lightly subscribed Championship Week Over/Under Contest, Helen Frink, with eight correct answers, came away with her third win of the year. Can you say domination?

Reed Ramlow and Clayton Frink tied for second with seven correct.

The average score was 6.17, the highest of the year. All but one player got the first three answers correct.

I trust you all are as excited about the Alamo Bowl as I am and the turnout for the Over/Under Contest will be near a record high. 

But seriously folks, what else is there to do next Tuesday night? You skiers can’t ski at night and you hunters can’t hunt at night. Can you?



3 Comments to “Championship Week Over/Under Results”

  1. Oh, the joys of missing part of the season….just like the ‘Horns. Looking forward to 2021!

  2. We have no answer to Lady Helen. On to the Alamo, but I favored Texas in a old time shootout with Arkansas. The rivalries we miss.

  3. Can you hunt during the day??? What do you do with your spotlight?

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