Does Anybody Choke or Throw Up?

When my daughter Molly was about six, our family watched Mrs. Doubtfire on our home VCR.  Those of you who enjoyed the movie as much as we did probably remember the restaurant scene where Mrs. Doubtfire performs the Heimlich maneuver successfully on Stu.  Molly was quite disturbed by this scene and for the next year or two she would ask before the family sat down to watch a movie, “Does anybody choke or throw up in this movie?” That pretty much ruled out us watching The Exorcist.  Anyway, Molly’s question became and remains a stock phrase in the Frink household.

As I prepare to watch the USC game Saturday night, based on what I’ve seen of Texas so far this season    it seems wise to ask, “Do the Longhorns choke or throw up in this football game?”

Orange blows out White

In the annual early September Orange and White game played in DKR Memorial Stadium last weekend, The Orange team methodically dismantled The White team 56-0.

Two weeks of Tom Herman

A friend confided to me the other day that he was already tired of hearing Tom Herman talk. I can’t go that far but I’ve noticed that his preseason oozing of confidence and competence has turned into oozing too hard to sound smart and in control.  In simpler terms, in media appearances Herman has taken on an unpleasant edge. While I can’t say that I’m already tired of hearing Herman talk, I am hearing him more and enjoying him less.

What do I think?

Before big Texas games, I’m often asked the simple question, what do I think?  Sometimes it seems like a straightforward question and sometimes it seems like a plea for reassurance that everything will be all right for the Longhorns.  Putting in perspective what I’ve seen of the Longhorns and USC over the past two weeks, if I’m asked today, “What do I think?”, my gut tells me the Longhorns are going to choke and throw up Saturday night in the coliseum.

Hook ‘eM,


USC Over/Under

  • In college football sacks count as negative rushing yards.
  • Tiebreaker: Predict Winners. Scores aren't required

    Clemson at Louisville
  • Harvard @ Rhode Island

6 Comments to “Does Anybody Choke or Throw Up?”

  1. My take on Herman talking is that he’s not very good at it after a loss. He neither likes it nor has much experience at it. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that he has to do it infrequently.

    • I think you nailed it. Would be nice if he doesn’t get the chance to get good at it.

  2. I don’t see a path to victory in this game. What a helluva surprise it would be to be wrong.

  3. What were the results of the past week?

    • Hi Greg,

      I rushed out the column to get it done before I left town and didn’t get in the the post. You David and Clayton Frink tied with 8 correct answers. Clayton edged you and David in the tiebreaker

    • CORRECTION: it was Mark Adams not David Frink in who tied with Gre and Clayton. I sometimes forget that Mark isn’t my blood brother.

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