Kansas Post Game

The List

The last refuge of a columnist who can’t string together a coherent thought.

1. The offense’s performance against Kansas took me back to 1976.
2. At least we’re undefeated in conference.
3. Could be worse. We could be Michigan.
4. Kansas didn’t have a big punt or kickoff return against us and we had one nice punt return by Shipley. But Rose missed a friggin’ extra point and we had a field goal attempt blocked. The special teams aren’t very special.
5. Tyrone Swoopes self-flushes from the pocket. He needs to stand in there and keep his eyes down field.
6. Opposing defenses aren’t going to respect Swoopes as a run option in the zone read.
7. If Strong and company want to include the zone read, I’ve Heard they have a quarterback that might be effective running it. See what I did there?
8. After three and a half years Steve Edmond still isn’t getting it done. Does this fit the classic definition of insanity?
9. Even Tom Brady looks bad playing with a bad offensive line.
10. Where have you gone, Jerry Sisemore, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo woo woo.
11. I watched the Kansas game in a sports bar near the UCLA campus. From my perch I could watch, Texas A&M-Arkansas and Florida State-North Carolina State, but I focused my attention on the Longhorns. That’s love…or something.
12. I believe it was Charlie Strong who first said that the Longhorns weren’t going to win a championship this year.
13. I hope the Texas coaches are taking a long hard look at the Baylor-Central Florida film from last year’s Fiesta Bowl.
Over/Under and out.

HooK ‘eM,

Over/Under Results

One of my fond memories from high school was when my French II teacher, Mrs. Bertoni, was calling students up to her desk to hand back their final exams. When she called me up and looked at my final she said loudly enough for the entire class to hear, “Monsieur Frink, 90. This final was too easy.”
This week the average score for the Kansas Over/Under was 7.8. This contest was too easy. Still, that doesn’t take away from David Frink’s grade, a perfect 10. David, you’ve always been a 10 in my book.
Mark Adams, Art Zeitz, and Wade Wallace tied for second with nines.

4 Comments to “Kansas Post Game”

  1. We’re now so bad that losing to us is reason to fire your coach.

    • Funny, that. Heard Weiss feel asleep in a meeting being run by the AD and also told media last week how Jayhawks had to stop Joe Bergeron. Really. He’s a clown … being paid millions by Notre Dame($8 or $9M) and now Kansas ($7M) not to coach. Great gig if you can get it. Some wags said Kansas made Texas game its “homecoming” to put another nail in the Weiss coffin.

    • Can we get Art Briles fired

  2. Woo-Hoo … I should quit right now, but onward I’ll trudge. Here’s an early final score … Baylor 34-Texas 17.

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