Kansas State Over/Under Results

In Texas’ biggest win of the year, Mark Adams, Clayton Frink, Steve Holstead, and Wes Peoples tied for first place with seven correct answers.  Mark emerged as the victor as he was the only one of the four to correctly pick LSU and Minnesota to cover the spread.

David Frink and Jeff Otto tied for fifth place with six correct answers.

The average score was 5.3


The Kansas State was a must win and a huge win for the team and yes the program.  Hopefully it will give the team and especially the defense a much needed confidence boost. 

Of course all three of Texas’ remaining games against Iowa State, Baylor, and Texas Tech are huge games and must wins. I watched Iowa State’s final drive against Oklahoma and it looks like they have a very, very good tight end and running back and a decent quarterback.  My guess is Texas will have to score in the 40s to beat Iowa State.

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  1. For many, many years, Willie Earl and I talked about how teams would come into DKR Memorial stadium and “play right into Texas’ defensive strengths.” It happened again Saturday against KSU. Happier than most that the Horns took advantage and won, but I am chastened by the absolute fact that none of the three teams remaining on the schedule will even remotely duplicate the KSU scheme. Gonna require considerable continued defensive improvement to bring home victory from Ames and Waco.

  2. Miracle of miracles, Tom Herman flawlessly executed a perfect clock management drive to win this game with the ball sailing through the uprights with 0:00 on the clock. Maybe there is hope.

  3. That’s why AOG is sticking with Clayton

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