Longhorn Fan Survey

By definition, the readers of this column are some of the most informed, intelligent and insightful Longhorn Football fans. Therefore the staff at Willie Earl want your opinions. If you’re so inclined, please submit your answer to our one question survey by Thursday at 5pm. We want your response to be uninhibited so there isn’t a requirement to submit name or contact information with your answer.
The 2016 Season premiere of Willie Earl’s Longhorn Blog will be released this Friday.

1 Comment to “Longhorn Fan Survey”

  1. I will trumpet my location in Hanoi to exult in upset victories in the O/U, without the ability to watch a single Horns game lest I bother to watch game film or be steeped in all that data you get in Tejas, or of course as an excuse for any appallingly bad performance. Charlie Strong should be so lucky, but exile here in the Hanoi Hilton could await if he doesn’t get the boys above .500 this year.

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