Off Week Over/Under Results

Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, Dan Adams, Clayton Frink, Mark Adams, Greg Swan, and Zach Moorhead with 8 correct answers tied for first place in the Off Week Over/Under. Excellent performances when the average score for the 15 players was 6.2.

In the tiebreaker, none of the Four Horsemen plus one picked the right teams to make the conference championship game. Zach, Greg, Mark, and Dan tabbed TCU-Oklahoma State and Clayton went with TCU-Texas. The logjam was broken on their picks for Texas’ bowl destination.  Greg and Zach picked the Cheez It Bowl, Mark the Texas, and Dan the Sun Bowl. That Left Clayton standing alone as the winner with his Alamo Bowl pick. It was Clayton’s second win of the season and he takes home $40 for the effort.

Tyler Cotton and Leslie Bohmann tied for 6th place with 7 correct answers.

Kevin Hill was the only player to predict that TCU would meet Kansas State in the conference championship game.

Remember the Alamo Bowl and one last chance for glory on the gridiron and in Over/Under!

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