Oklahoma Over/Under Results

D.R. Flower and Mark Stephan tied for first with nine correct answers in a very interesting OU Over/Under Contest.  D.R. prevailed in the tiebreaker with his pick of Iowa over Penn State. Mark picked Penn State. Both players picked Kansas City over Buffalo. That’s two wins in a row for D.R. a rare accomplishment. D.R. and Mark’s performance was outstanding in a contest where the average score was five. 

Dan Adams finished third with eight correct answers. Mark Adams, Clayton Frink, Steve Holstead, and Kelly Malek tied for fourth with six correct.

Willie Earl formulated yet another flawed question, Will there be a defensive or special teams score by either team? If either team kicked so much of an extra point that would qualify as a special teams score. The question should have been, Will either team’s defense or special teams score a touchdown. Six of the 19 players answered no. I credited them with a correct answer since I believe they interpreted the question the way it should have been written. So, every player was credited with a correct answer on that question.

Only three of 19 players picked A&M to beat the line against Alabama. Only three of the 19 players went under on, 27.5 passing attempts for Spencer Rattler. Tough break for the 16 who answered over.


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  1. Brain Davis ,sportswriter for the Austin Statesman pointed out that we have recruited a total of 15 linemen since 2018. That’s 4 per year. We have enough receivers to field 3 football teams and not enough linemen to field 1 football team. I blame Herr Herman for being in love with receivers (he played WR at Cal Lutheran) not understanding or respecting what it takes to play on the line, so he never recruited for these positions.

  2. Total heartbreaker. Does anybody else hold the coaches accountable for running such a soft zone defense most of the second half??

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