Oklahoma Post Game Thoughts

Hard not to be emotionally involved in that one.  I wish we’d won.

During the game, I told Helen that Texas was a stupid football team.  How are they stupid? I don’t have the energy to count the ways.


  1. I could argue that the two blocked kicks against Texas were the difference in the game. Texas has allowed two punts and one field goal to be blocked through four games. I don’t have the data, but it seems to me that teams that have punts and kicks blocked almost always lose.
  2. If I was Tom Herman, I would have seriously considered going for two points after the touchdown that tied the game at the end of regulation.  I have a witness. It’s possible that since Texas didn’t have any timeouts left, Herman didn’t think he had time to get a play called. Of course, that’s a terrible reason not to go for it since every game plan should include the play you’re going to call for a two point conversion.  I don’t think Herman is a quick-twitch thinker. To be fair, Herman would have been roundly criticized—not by me—if he had gone for two and failed.
  3. Of all the criticisms of Tom Herman I’ve read in the last 48 hours, the one that made the strongest impression on me was this.  Herman has his second-best offensive tackle playing center. Derek Kerstetter is good pass protector as a right tackle. He’s not a good center. In year four of his tenure, Herman doesn’t have a starting-caliber true center.
  4. On a sugar high after the Sugar Bowl, Chris Del Conte gave Herman a five-year contract extension. When will we ever learn?

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  1. Chris Del Conte is under contract for a gazillon dollars until 2027, thanks to a diligent Board of Regents. I understand he’s good at building stuff with the biggest revenue base in college sports. All the major UT sports underperform but we have one helluva rowing team. Forget going to DKR and bring a lawn chair to Lady Bird Lake, or maybe Chris will build a grandstand there. What comes to mind is that new Matthew McConnaughey whisky commercial. You know, the laugh at the end?

  2. I will confirm that Clayton wanted to go for two after the last (pre-OT) touchdown. I wanted to go to OT. I did want them to go for 2 in the second OT period as I figured the defense could not, would not hold up (or eat green eggs and ham).

    This is the most undisciplined, erratic, error-prone, soft and fundamentally unsound Longhorn team I’ve ever seen, and that includes the not-so-glorious Strong experiment. It’s clear to this reporter (hey, I was one for several years) that Herman has somehow lost these guys, either by omission or commission. Or they don’t believe in what they are supposedly being taught. Doesn’t make a shit either way. Bill spoke of Kerstetter, but my own pick for worst is No. 70, Christian Jones. He is simply awful. That there is no one on the squad better than he is shameful. Special Teams coach Jay Boulware should have been fired in the locker room immediately after the game. But, Herman is the over-arching problem. They won’t play for him; they’re going through the motions. And he will continue to be the problem through at least December 2021 because there is no way UT will eat his $25-$30 million buyout.

  3. Agreed Bill!

    After the frantic come from behind second week in a row heroics I too thought it a mistake to not go for 2 at the end of regulation……

    We were NOT expected to be tied, we were very fortunate to be tied at the end of regulation given our 14 point deficit with 3:42 in the 4th.

    We had OU on their heels and we had all the momentum you could ask for.

    If we tried and failed, so what? It was clear to me that OU’s offense was much better than our offense thru-out the game and therefore overtime was likely coming to a 2 point effort anyway. It would have been a great way to slip out the door with the win……kinda like we did in Lubbock.

    And, Ellinger was off…..reviewing the game reveals 6 opportunities for completions that Sam just missed…..no explanation…. just missed.

    The game was lost on the second play of the game…..Ingrams fumble…..after a great 1st defensive stance and momentum we carelessly handed them their 1st score.

    LSU 2019 end zone wide open drop(haunting memories of Gideon in Lubbock)
    TCU 2020 late 4th quarter fumble
    OU 2020……..all games that were ours if only!

    • Hey Jay,

      Thanks for checking in! Hope you’ll chime in again soon

  4. I agree.
    Text records will show that I, too, wanted them to go for two on that last touchdown. At the time, I said that I knew that it was a good way to get fired, and completely foreign to long-established coaching dogma. But losing isn’t a great long-term strategy, either. Doesn’t UT have an “RPO” with our fullback/quarterback looking to some his big receivers?

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