Oklahoma State Post-Game

 Mired in Mediocrity

I was slightly surprised when I heard that the 38-13 loss to Oklahoma State was the most lopsided home loss during the Mack Brown era.  Watching the game from the same seats my group has sat in since 1995, the loss didn’t feel as bad as the Ole Miss loss earlier this season or the UCLA loss (when all this mess started) in 2010. By the absolute metric of point differential, however, the 25-point deficit was marginally worse than the 21-point Ole Miss loss and the 22 point UCLA loss. Maybe the recent blowout losses to Oklahoma, while not home games, had conditioned me to Longhorn losing.  Or maybe I’m in the final stage of grief—acceptance. 

You Might Be Mediocre If…

The game got away from Texas on three plays that were emblematic of the team’s mediocrity over the past four years.

1. Oklahoma State’s 12-yard touchdown pass near the end of the first half went right through the hands of Adrian Phillips. Phillips, a senior and team leader, is arguably Texas’ second-best defensive back. After the game, Phillips said that’s a play he always makes in practice. I assume he meant that in practice he makes the interception, not that it also goes through his hands in practice. If your second-best defensive back can’t at least knock that ball down, you might be mediocre.

2. Case McCoy’s pick-six interception at the end of the first half was one of his six interceptions in the last three games. It was a poorly timed, weak throw. McCoy now has nine interceptions against eight touchdown passes for the season. I read on a blog this week that McCoy blamed the interception on a UT trainer who had given the officials the wrong ball to use for that possession. That’s a head-shaker. McCoy is mediocre at best, and that reflects the mediocre coaching, player development, and recruiting by Mack Brown’s program.

3. Trailing 7-3 in the second quarter, Daje Johnson fumbled attempting to field a punt inside Texas’ 10-yard line. He was able to recover at the 4-yard line, but four plays later Texas had to punt, giving Oklahoma State the ball at the Texas 42-yardline. Five plays, later Oklahoma State scored a touchdown to go up 14-3. Texas’ special teams have been a liability all this season and most seasons during the Mack Brown era. I’ve never played organized tackle football above the little league level, but I’ve read and been told that good execution on special teams is just a matter of attention to details and focus on the part of coaches and players. Texas special teams are beyond mediocre in the wrong direction.

At the doorstep of another 8-4 year and a trip to the Alamo Bowl, this season seems like almost a total waste. I say “almost” because potential big-time players Marques Johnson, defensive tackle Malcolm Brown, and Dalton Santos have gained valuable game experience. But when you consider the replacement of the defensive coordinator after the second game and the lack of an adequate number two quarterback, the season was set up to be a huge disappointment from the beginning.

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Journeyman Clayton Frink notches his first victory of the 2013 season this week by answering eight questions correctly. Just kidding Clayton, about the journeyman part.  Wade Wallace finished alone in second place with seven correct.

The Longhorn’s season may be taking a turn for the worse but here at Willie Earl’s Longhorn Blog we’re looking forward to a meaningful and exciting finish. See you before Thanksgiving.


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  1. Fera 2013 MVP?

  2. I knew we were in trouble when Willie Earl jumped back on the bandwagon and predicted a victory.

    • You know I have to make an extra effort to be a positive kind of a guy.

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