Oklahoma State Over/Under Results

In a rare appearance in Over/Under, Jeff Otto was on his game with eight correct answers to win the Oklahoma State Over/Under.  Amazing.

Tyler Cotton , Mark Adams, and Mitch Lewis tied for second with seven correct.  Eric Vogl, Reed Ramlow, Clayton Frink, and Helen Frink tied for fifth with six correct.

There were 23 contestants this week which is close to the record for participation. The all-time record was set in the 2008 Oklahoma Over/Under with 24 contestants.


2 Comments to “Oklahoma State Over/Under Results”

  1. Vote Frank & Frink for head coach and assistant head coach!!!

  2. My fear is that Tom Herman will be our Bob Stoops. He can build a respectable program, make quality hires, recruit talent and be competitive. However, his in game management or extreme lack of same will continue to cost us. His total lack of clock management (I could write a War and Peace size dissertation on that) aside, how do you possibly have TWO fumbled punts in one game when neither of them needed to have a Longhorn within 20 yards of the ball in those situations. I worry that he is oblivious to the idea that he is an idiot.

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