Over/Under Results

 Over/Under Results

When and If Texas Gets a New Coach

I had a bit of a problem tabulating the results for this one. Due to a quirk in my WordPress blog-contact form I lost the actual questions and my memory could only partially reconstruct them. I was able to remember what three of the six questions (including the tiebreaker) were.

Based on those questions, Mike Yoxall and Clayton Frink tied answering all three questions correctly. The tiebreaker was to pick the date that Mack Brown resigns or is fired. I counted 12/14 and 12/15 as correct answers because the decision was made and leaked on the 14th and officially announced on the 15th.


David Frink, Jerry Smith, and Greg Swan were tied for first at the end of regulation play. Jerry was eliminated because he picked Auburn over Florida State in the Natty. He was with 12 seconds away from his second win of the year. David and Greg picked both the winners, Texas A&M and Florida State, so we had to go the judges for the final result. David was awarded the victory based on his prediction of the score in the Natty, a 34-30 win for Florida State, which was just one point off from the final score. David’s accurate prediction prevented Greg from being the only three time winner for 2013.

Over/Under All Stars 2013

Greg Swan, Helen Frink, and Mark Adams with two wins each are the first team Over/Under All Stars for 2013.

Greg Swan and Mark Adams are the players of the year because in addition to their two wins they finished second twice after being edged out in tiebreakers.

Clayton Frink and Mike Yoxall landed spots on the second team by virtue of one victory each in actual games and their tie for first in the supplemental contest, “When and If Texas Gets a New Coach.”

Jerry Smith earned Honorable Mention honors for his one victory and two runners up finishes after being involved in tiebreakers in the first and last games of the season.

Here’s to a good off season for all of us! Cheers.

HooK eM,


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