Post-Game North Texas

Remain Calm—All is Well


The news on David Ash seems to be engendering a lot of gloom and doom and it certainly through a wrench into my plans for my North Texas Post Game column.
If you read my column last week carefully you’ll understand that I didn’t anticipate Ash to be around long this year. I’m thinking and hoping that Charlie and company didn’t expect him to be around long either.
But you’ll have to wait until Friday at noon when I’ll explain to you why the loss of David Ash doesn’t change the Horns’ 2014 outlook all that much.

Having fun yet?

HooK eM,

Over/Under Results

Tom Yoxall takes home the victory in the 2014 season opener with nine correct answers. That’s an impressive performance by young Tom considering that the average score was 6.2. Steve Holstead and Al LoCascio tied for second with eight correct answers. Wade Wallace and Mike Archuleta round out the top five scoring seven correct.


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  1. Ash should quit before he ends up drooling into a towel. Staubach retired early because of concussions. So did Aikman.

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