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Maybe the Horns were over confident. I’m being serious. There were lots of good feelings in and around the team after winning three straight heading into the TCU game.
But I digress. Let’s recap Texas’ season long offensive futility, shall we?

* Texas ranks #104 in points scored, 83rd in passing yards, and 87th in rushing yards.
* Tyrone Swoopes is 91st in the country in quarterback rating.
* Texas has had only two 100 yard rushing performances this season.
*In the loss to TCU, Texas failed to score a touchdown in the third quarter for the tenth straight game.
* Texas has scored a touchdown in the first quarter in only 5 of 12 games. They’ve scored a total of six touchdowns for the season in the first quarter.
* Only Oklahoma State scored fewer points than Texas against TCU. They scored 9. Texas scored 10. Highlights of other TCU Big 12 opponent’s scoring include Kansas 30, Kansas!, Oklahoma 33, and Texas Tech 27…in only 24 minutes time of possession.

TCU coach Gary Patterson was asked after the game what his plans were going forward, to which he replied.”We’ve got to get ready for Iowa State; they have a Division I Offense.”

The excuses of having suffered injuries and dismissals on the offensive line, and having a raw quarterback, should get Charlie Strong and Shawn Watson only so much sympathy. In the Big 12 only Kansas State ranks in the top 25 nationally in total defense. Yeah, that was the game in which Texas was shut out. In short, the Big 12 isn’t exactly known as a conference that plays strong defense.

If I were giving Charlie Strong season grades for offense, defense, and special teams the grades would F, A, and D. It reminds me of the guy who was called into the dean’s office at the end of a semester after making four Fs and a D. The dean asked the guy what he thought his problem was. The guy answered, “Too much concentration on one subject.”

I’m making a serious point. You know I like Coach Strong, but in my opinion he has to start running his football program more like a head coach responsible for all three phases of football and forget about being a co-defensive coordinator.

That’s all I got for now.


I gotta Basketball Jones!

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TCU Over/Under Results

D.R. Flower was the only player to pick all three winners on question #9 and that turned out to be the difference this week as D.R., in scoring an eight, wins his second O/U in only five outings . That’s pretty impressive playing indeed.  D.R. edged out David Frink and Dan Yoxall who each tallied seven correct answers.

During the break before the bowl game I will tally and report regular season results for Over/Under.




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  1. Not sure how he’ll do it with virtually all of the team’s defensive playmakers leaving, but another 6-6 year in 2015 will not be acceptable — to me — or anyone who actually counts. Putting Swoopes permanently on the sideline will be a good start. “Hiring” a few even decent JUCO players, including a QB, would be a good second move. Hiring a true offensive coordinator — opposed to one fired by Colorado and Nebraska — would be an appropriate third move. Even Greg Davis is shaking his head in wonderment over the Watson offense.

    • First thing I did after the game was start looking at a list of JUCO transfer prospects. My hats off to whoever at Auburn was able to spot Nick Marshall in the middle of that mess.

      Holding my breath for Watson for another season. I don’t know how much you can strategize around the level of QB play we saw or an o-line that allows as much penetration as TCU was getting.

  2. Where’s my Participant ribbon?

  3. Great play on words on the headline, and I will admit I thought better times were ahead. We could be in for a long slog in the fog. Better times on the hardwoods?

  4. I just got back from a traditional family thanksgiving in Las Vegas and found TCU quite profitable at -5 1/2. We not only aren’t good, we’re boring.

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