Rice Over/Under Results

In a surprisingly large field of players given the opponent was Rice, David Frink emerged the winner with eight correct answers.  Mike Frank was second with seven correct. Mike was the only player to correctly predict that Keaontay Ingram would be the first UT player who would have a pass reception. 

Eric Vogl, Clayton Frink, and Helen Frink tied for third with six correct answers.

The question formulators had a good outing as the average score was just five correct answers.

Coming Friday, what Big 12 team has the longest current winning streak against Texas? No fair using the Google Machine.

Talk at you Friday.

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2 Comments to “Rice Over/Under Results”

  1. Wow, been a long time coming! I’d like to thank the Texas offensive line, Kobe Boyce, and a Rice program that should consider dropping down to D2.

  2. Frink’ing domination!!! Three out of the top five!

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