Summer Revival

That was fun.

Paraphrasing Robert Earl Keen, “Feels so good to be feeling good again about the Longhorns.”

Some of the football game day changes Chris Del Conte, our new Athletics Director, has talked about sound promising. After attending my first Longhorn Baseball game today in many, many years, what impressed me the most—other than the results—was the simplicity of the presentation at Disch-Falk. How refreshing and enjoyable the experience was.

Dare we hope for the same at Royal Memorial this fall?
Can we all agree that Kody Clemens is the biggest Longhorn deal we’ve had around here since Colt McCoy?

It seems appropriate in more ways than one in June, 2018 to end with another paraphrase, “Now it’s on to Omaha, and let’s win there.”

“Hook ‘Em,



6 Comments to “Summer Revival”

  1. What, the ‘Horns play baseball too?
    Way to branch out, WE.

    • “It ain’t like football. You can’t make up no trick plays”. Yogi B.

  2. Resoundingly agree with your assessment—“simplicity of the presentation at Disch-Falk”. Play and have fun! Football games in general have become too much of a “production” across the board. That’s why they’ve become agonizing to watch, both in person and on TV. Too much hoopla—play the game!

    Hook ’em!

  3. Well that cheer didn’t end too well for RFK…. wishing the Horns a championship!

    • You always were a stickler for details. Nonetheless, “On to Omaha!”

  4. Got to go to the Longhorn/Aggie game in the regional and couldn’t agree more. Great atmosphere. Love those guys out in left field. Something special about all the Longhorn fans in my section chanting SEC…SEC as the Aggie fans filed out.

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