TCU Over/Under Results

Either the questions were too easy, or the players are hitting their stride in October. The average score of 6.8 is the highest I can remember in quite a while. All 15 players answered correctly, over 10.5 points scored in the first quarter. 12 of 15 players said no, TCU would not ever hold the lead in the 4th quarter and 12 of 15 took Bijan Robinson over Zach Evans for more yards rushing. Only three players took Jordan Whittington over Xavier Worthy for more receiving yards.

Perhaps I’ve buried the lead. D.R. Flower posted a perfect 10 this week to take the victory. Without checking the archives, I believe D.R. is the only player this year with a perfect score.

Tom Yoxall and David Frink tied for second with nine correct answers. Mark Adams and Helen Frink tied for fourth with eight correct.


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  1. Bill you were quite the speedster in that little Mazda of yours. I remember coming back to the Bluffs one afternoon and you were just buzzing along Robert E Lee. Cop passes, does a uturn and you just hit it, up into the parking lot around the wall and we just listened to the cop fly by looking for you.

    • I wondered if you remembered that. You’d challenged the bonafides of the RX-7 relative to you Sabb so I had to show you.

      It was just at dusk. We took your car when we went out later that evening.

  2. A lot of us were fortunate to attend UT during the Earl years. He’s not there yet but Bijon is something special. When you can give the ball to him every play while you’re trying to run out the clock against a Gary Patterson defense geared to stop him, that’s something we haven’t had in quite some time. Why would Tom Herman have limited him to 8 touches per game?

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