Texas Tech Observations

  1. A blocked punt, a nearly blocked punt, a D’Shawn Jamison fumbled punt, an onside kick not recovered. So far, I’m not impressed with the much ballyhooed offseason hire of Special Teams  Jay Boulware.

  2. Tackling was once again an issue and one blogger wrote that it’s something that can be fixed quickly. Could be the dumbest thing written about UT Football so far in 2020 given that tackling has been an issue going on for—oh, I don’t know—a decade.
  3. Surprise, the catch-all excuse for college football coaches in 2020 is no spring practice.
  4. I admit that I wrote the game off when Texas Tech went up 56-41. Resigned to a loss and somewhat disgusted, I left the television for about three minutes doing grill prep for a Saturday night cookout. When I got back, Ehlinger was throwing a TD pass to Eagles to pull within eight points.
  5. I know the conventional wisdom in college football is to play defense first when you win the coin toss before overtime so you know when you get the ball if just a field goal wins the game. But I think Texas Tech coach Matt Wells made a big tactical error by letting Texas take the ball first in overtime when his defense was gassed and the Horns had all the momentum.  
  6. At times during the first half, I thought Texas varied the offense for the sake of varying the offense when they might have built an insurmountable lead if they had continued to do what was working. Overconfident maybe?
  7. I wrote last week: Alan Bowman is another in a seemingly endless supply of good passing Red Raider quarterbacks and I’m confident he will put up 300 plus yards passing versus what I believe are the overhyped individual talents in the Longhorn secondary. Told ya.
  8. Saturday evening, I wasn’t all that satisfied with the win but then I looked at Oklahoma and LSU. 2-0 is 2-0.

That’s all I got for now.

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3 Comments to “Texas Tech Observations”

  1. Atrocious showing by the Jay Boulware-tutored folks for sure. I’ll excuse the Jamison punt error; that ball was long and high with a swirling wind. In hindsight, probably one to avoid, but then we’d all be yelling about how Texas punt returners can’t return a punt cuz they won’t catch it. Just a bad play, one I’m sure provided key learnings for him.

    The right side of the O-line also is atrocious and Kerstetter is a lousy snapper. Those boys need a lot of reps. I’d like to see Okafor replaced by whomever they’ve got behind him. He is a penalty machine and just whiffs in two out of every three plays.

    I’m thinking nearly every game on the schedule is a toss-up the way these coaches coach and scheme, along with the deficiencies at O-line, Linebacker and D-Backs, who just aren’t living up to their various star rankings. On the other hand, the offense, even with poor play on the right side of the line, probably can score 40 on everybody left on the schedule.

  2. Willie Earl-all great points. I think special teams and tackling are areas that can be fixed. And…yeah, our DBs are hyped as special talents. But those raider WRs are alao special, especially Vasher. He’ll probably play on Sundays.
    My biggest concern is the friggin’ OL. That’s a unit that has sucked since Mack. I can’t understand why we can’t get some bad-ass, nasty OLs like the good ol’ days

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