Texas Tech Over/Under Results

In a finish as exciting as the actual game, Steve Holstead edged by a nose, Mike Frank and David Bergstrom in the tiebreaker to win the Texas Tech Over/under. Holstead, Frank, and Bergstrom were tied at the end of regulation with seven correct answers.  They were still tied after each of them picked against the line, Ohio State—a winner and Iowa State—a loser.  Holstead broke the deadlock by nailing the point differential for the Clemson at Boston College game. The actual final score was 27-7 Clemson. Steve predicted 38-18. Bergstrom predicted Clemson, 55-24 and Frank had it Clemson by 59-24.

John Scott, Joe Grubbs, Helen Frink, and Tom Yoxall tied for fourth with six correct.

All players were awarded a correct answer to, More touchdown passes, Texas or Tech because each team had four.  Willie Earl regrets formulating a flawed question which stood a good chance of ending in a push.

The average score of 5.4 was skewed higher by the aforementioned flawed question.


3 Comments to “Texas Tech Over/Under Results”

  1. Is anyone else finding that their reaction to the completion of a Texas win is RELIEF rather than JOY?

    • Nah–I was actually overjoyed with the win. Tech is a very dangerous team, and are a severe test for anybody. Great win for the ‘horns…..

    • That’s exactly how I felt. Blowing big leads in the 4th quarter is unpleasant to say the least.

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