Texas Tech Over/Under Results

Tough Going

For the second straight week, the average score for our Over/Under contestants was under 5. Last week it was 4.25, this week it’s 4.5. John Scott did manage a solid performance under the tough conditions to come away with the win with seven correct answers. If memory serves, that gives John at least one win for three straight years. Jeff Johnson finished second with a six. No player managed to come within two in predicting the number of pass attempts for Patrick Mahomes which was the Daily Double question. Mahomes attempted 59. Scott and Johnson were closest, both predicting 55 attempts.

Deflating Win

Call it a character flaw or a mental illness but I felt down right deflated after Texas, with the 18-Wheeler, failed to convert on third and fourth down at the end of the game. I still felt that way when the game was over. ¬†With our team rebuilding it’s hard to have much confidence in our ¬†leader when he leaves our 341-yard rusher on the sideline when gaining two yards in two downs clinches the victory.

Hook “Em,



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  1. Wow! You are right on. How can you take Foreman out of the play on 3rd down and out of the game on 4th? For the 3rd time this year, we won in spite of, not because of, our idiot coaching staff.

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