Texas Tech Post Game

Knock Out Punch

The Horns are now 1-1 in games when they knock out the opponent’s starting quarterback. I’m not sure how the Texas Tech game would have turned out had Patrick Mahomes had played the entire game.

I didn’t think Texas looked very good against the woeful Red Raiders, but after reading today’s Austin American-Statesman I stand corrected.

Even though Malcolm Brown was the leading rusher I was more impressed with Jonathan Gray. For the first time this year, on a couple of runs, he showed the speed and quickness we’ve been looking for since 2011.

Go deep Tyrone, go deep!

I sure hope John Harris doesn’t drop any more touchdown passes this year.

Charlie Strong told an interesting anecdote in his press conference today. He asked the normally bespectacled Mykkle Thompson during a recent practice if he was wearing contacts because he wasn’t wearing his glasses. Thompson told him no and that he could see fine playing without them. Strong mused that maybe that’s why he couldn’t catch potential interceptions and told him to start wearing contacts during games. Wearing his contacts, Thompson made his first interception of the year against Texas Tech. The devil is in the details, no?

I’m seeing a season and program changing victory against West Virginia, tune in Friday for details.

Over/Under Results

Our man in Jordan, Reed Ramlow, aka High Plains Drifter, edged Zach Frank, who is constantly lurking near the top, in the tie breaker to take the Texas Tech Over/Under. Both players scored a nine. If Zach had more faith in the offensive line he would have scored a perfect 10. If not for TCU’s last second field goal Reed would have scored a perfect 10.
Art Zeitz finished all by his lonesome in third with eight correct.

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  1. Nice to grab another unexpected win, W.E.! Been out of town the past couple weeks, first for the 2,000 Hashemite Hash House Harriers 2,000 run event in Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba (great runs coupled with debauched frat house-style drinking and hijinks), and then a rainy Boy Scout camping weekend in the Ajloun hills below the castle built by Saladin’s nephew nearly nine centuries ago. That explains the recent silence but I cannot miss responding to your coming missive on WVU!

  2. Ah, God loves optimists…

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