The Longhorns Need a New Slogan

Darrell Royal had, “Three things can happen when you pass, two of them are bad.” Mack Brown had, “Come early, be loud, stay late, wear orange,”and “One Heartbeat.”

Tom Herman has “1-0” which isn’t working out so I have some suggestions.  

The best is yet to come

The darkest hour is just before the dawn

Win one for the stripper!

Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin eyes?

Let them eat soggy pancakes

Winning isn’t everything

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Come Monday it will be alright

Remember the Terrapins!

Rainy Days and Saturdays always get me down

We’re 0 and one! We’re 0 and one!

Would you believe 1-1?

All is well

Lose one for the Terps

One loss at a time

Remember the Texas Bowl

We’re taking your suggestions below.


Maryland Over/Under Resul

D.R. Flower stood head and shoulders above the field in a bloodbath of the Over/Under season opener where the average correct score was 3.9.

D.R. scored and impressive eight. Richard Mosher also blew away the field average with seven correct.

Helen Frink and Mark Adams tied for third with fives.

HooK ‘Em

Willie Earl

9 Comments to “The Longhorns Need a New Slogan”

  1. Patting myself on the back for neither buying nor reading “Thinking Texas Football.” What a waste of time that would have been.

  2. I like Herman’s unbelievable presser quote, “I know we’re better than last year.”

    • A guy on Barking Carnival said as a public figure Herman is insufferable.

  3. Reporting in from DC. The sun is shining unlike yesterday’s torrents and I’m watching the Nats play the Brewers for a game that likely means nothing for their flagging playoff hopes, in tune with a game that meant everything for our flagging Longhorns. On the way to the baseball game, I saw a few forlorn Horns fans wearing burnt orange looking lost in Metro, trying to find their way home.

    I like the slogan, “Win one for the stripper.” We like strippers around here. Remember Fanny Foxe, Wilbur Mills’s girlfriend? I just passed by the Mall reflecting pool, bringing back fond memories. Good to see the good times continue to roll.

    Well done, Willie.

    • Nats- Brewers huh? Hope the beer is reasonable.

      • Overpriced, as always. Bumped into another guy at Nats Park wearing a Horns T-shirt and I’m wearing my Horns hat. We like going communal in our lamenting. Must be plenty of shaking heads in Austin. Nats down 9-4 after two Brew homers this inning. Not a good sporting weekend but the weather’s nice.

      • Overpriced, as always.

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