The Rain, The Park, and Other Things

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Texas has lost four straight to TCU by an average score of 38-8. Texas didn’t score more than 10 points in any of those games. What could make this year any different?

  1. TCU has the smallest starting defensive line in the Big 12. This is a good match up for the Texas offensive line if Texas runs north and south between the tackles. TCU may have a small defensive line but the overall speed of their defense will make it difficult to run wide. Also it would be nice if Herman and Beck would leave the wide receiver screen out of this week’s playbook.
  2. Sam Ehlinger is a good running quarterback. If ever there was a game to make his running a big part of the game plan, this is it. Again though, his running needs to be north and south, he’s not going to get around the corner on TCU.

The Horns futility against TCU continues if their defense doesn’t contain TCU’s quarterback Shawn Robinson.  Robinson is big and mobile and has a strong arm. He’s averaging 6.6 yards per carry. Against Ohio State last week, he threw for 308 yards and a touchdown. He did throw two interceptions. Texas’ biggest fear is that Robinson will convert crucial third downs with his running ability.

Speaking of Streaks

What are your fondest memories of Texas Football from 1984-1994 when the Horn’s dropped 10 of 11 to Texas A&M?

Mack Brown’s Texas lost five in a row to Oklahoma from 2000 to 2004 while posting a 52-6 record against all other opponents. What was up with that?

Texas’ longest current winning streak against a Big 12 opponent is three versus Baylor.  Hmmn.

But we have won recruiting every year!

You know what I’ve noticed?

Iowa State, Kansas, and Texas Tech look new and improved. Iowa State is 0-2 but they looked pretty respectable against Oklahoma last week. Kansas beat Rutgers last week 55-14. Is it possible that they won’t be an easy out in the Big 12 this year?  We’ll find out more this week when they play Baylor in Waco. Tech beat an SEC opponent (Mississippi) in the first week and scored 63 on the Major Applewhite’s last week winning 63-49. Texas plays KU and Tech on the road this year.


Player for player Texas and TCU are about even but I’m skeptical that Tom Herman and his staff can match wits with Gary Patterson and his. That’s what this game comes down to.

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  1. Horns can compete, possibly win, only if they have 0 turnovers and the offensive game plan includes no roll left passes. I’d like to see some minor misdirection in the running game.

    My favorite game during the 1984-1994 period was the manhandling of the Houston Cougars and David Klingler in 1990. I also liked the Stamford to Tony Jones against Arkansas and that fraud of a coach the Razorbacks had in 1988, I believe, for a touchdown and victory on the last play of the game.

  2. Willie:

    Texas Tech plays Oklahoma State this weekend. K State plays West Virgina.

    Hook em

    • Crap. I fixed that but I guess I didn’t save in all the right places.
      It’s corrected now.

      Thanks for the heads up.

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