This Heartbreaker is on Herman

I rarely feel sorry for Texas players after a loss. This is one of those rare occasions. From midway through the third quarter until Texas’ last possession that started with 4:01 left in the game, this Longhorn team played with a grit I didn’t know they had. The sputtering offense scored touchdowns on consecutive drives of 10 plays for 80 yards and 15 plays of 89 yards between the end of the third quarter and 5:37 left in the fourth to take the lead. From Iowa State’s second possession of the second half, the defense held Iowa State to a field goal, three punts, and a turnover on downs to keep Texas in the game.  In my opinion, the players did what they needed to do to win. That disastrous offside penalty on Iowa State’s field goal should have never happened because Iowa State should not have been in position for the winning kick.

If only Tom Herman had put the ball in Sam Ehlinger’s hands when Texas had a chance to ice the win. I wrote on Friday that I feared an impending disaster because of the way Herman handled end of game situations.  For all of “Mensa Boy’s” intelligence and arrogance, he seems to have no instinctive feel for situational football. Especially end of game situations.  I’ve wondered for years in football and basketball what would happen if the players just played with no coaches. What if Ehlinger was calling the plays on Texas’ last possession?  I think Texas wins. It’s a shame when the coaches get in the way.

In a column I wrote 10 days ago, I questioned whether Herman and his staff sold out during the season and prioritized winning now over recruiting for the future.  After the Iowa State loss, there’s not much left to play for this season. So I’m changing my tune; Herman and his staff should prioritize recruiting right now so hopefully in the future he will have such an overwhelming talent advantage that his deficiencies as an in-game coach don’t matter.

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  1. On the longhorn’s last possession, Herman violated one of the most sacred fundamentals of Texas football, enunciated by the most honored coach in Texas history, Darrell Royal: “Keep Dancing with who brung you!!!”

  2. I’m glad to stipulate I was all in on the Herman hiring, but he has shown himself clearly to be a sub-par head coach and co-offensive coordinator. His offense is totally predictable and moribund; his assistant coaches obviously are stiffs, and his in-game management absolutely sucks. Speaking truthfully, I believe every coach in the Big XII other than Tech’s Matt Wells is better, much better. Dare I say it, sure, Charlie Strong may be a better head coach. Holy shit and pass the Tylenol. Liberty Bowl, here we come.

  3. A deflated dominating win on the O/U, nothing more to be said on the final two minutes and the failure to ice, though the nearly 70 yard punt had offered a flicker of hope.

  4. If Dicker had missed the extra point to make it 20-20, the longhorns would have won the game, because instead of playing to not lose, they would have been playing to win. If Herman had taken the points after the interception, the longhorns would have probably won. If the coaches had done their job and instilled a little discipline in the players, they would have not committed so many penalties, including jumping off-sides at a critical moment in the game.
    Offensive co-ordinator should be re-assigned for calling 2 running plays at a critical moment in the game, when longhorns had only 54 yards rushing all game. Poor, poor judgment. Throw ball down the field. A one point lead in a game like this is no lead at all, because so much could and did go wrong. Put this one on the coaches, bad game plan. Kids played hard, came back and should have won the game, but were sabotaged by their own coaches.

  5. Couldn’t have said it any better.
    I don’t know how you don’t gather the special team together and remind them that a 5 yard penalty beats you and that if they make the kick, we still have plenty of time to go get a field goal of our own.
    No fundamentals, no discipline and no clue.

  6. Tar Baby, he say nuttin’.

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