UTEP Pre Game

Encore! Encore!


The consensus of opinion among the Longhorn faithful is the victory over Notre Dame Sunday night was the best game played at DKR in a generation. That’s a pretty tough act to follow. How can the Longhorns do it?

They can start by avoiding these glaring fundamental mistakes they made against Notre Dame.

  1. No botched snaps. Three botched snaps killed drives and almost lost the game.
  2. Luckily, John Burt’s drop of what should have been an easy touchdown catch didn’t turn out to be the difference maker. From where I was sitting, it looked like he bobbled his 72-yard touchdown catch before securing it. Another touchdown bomb or two with no drops in between would be nice.
  3. Not giving up any long punt returns like the 40-yard return that set up a 4th quarter Notre Dame touchdown is a requirement.
  4. Another requirement is clean execution of extra points. What the hell was going on on the sideline before that blocked extra point?

For pure fan entertainment:

  1. I’d like to see D’Onta Foreman collect 120 yards or so before retiring from the game before halftime.
  2. Would it be too much to ask for a dominant defensive performance that shuts down UTEP’s running game and forces 2-3 turnovers?
  3. Free beer delivered by the Texas Pom.
  4. I wouldn’t mind terribly if Tyrone Swoopes scored 4-5 touchdowns and got on pace to at least tie Ricky Williams single season touchdown record of 28 even if it meant running up the score a little.
  5. Let’s get Jerrod Heard running the jet sweep on tape for future opponents.
  6. I hope the woman with B.O. who sits behind me doesn’t show up.

I acknowledge that this seems a little greedy, but I am talking about an encore to the Notre Dame game and pure fan entertainment.  Reasonably, I’d like a win with a team performance that isn’t terribly flat and most importantly, no injuries.

Are the Horns worthy of being ranked #11?

First of all, rankings after the first week of the season are meaningless. That being said, here are some observations about Texas’ ranking.

Of the teams ranked ahead of Texas, I would bet on the Horns in match ups with #9 Georgia and #10 Wisconsin.

I would not bet on Texas versus #15 TCU, #14 Oklahoma, and #21 LSU.  I know Oklahoma looked bad in the second half against Houston,but Big Game Bob seems to rally his team after early season losses and losses to Texas (reference 2015). I don’t know why LSU dropped all the way to #21 by losing late at Lambeau Field to a solid Wisconsin program, even though I think Texas would beat Wisconsin if they played tomorrow. Maybe the long drop is a show of disrespect for Les Miles.

So yeah, in terms of rankings this time of year, I suppose Texas deserves to be #11.

I’m seeing this one, Texas 38-14.


If Oklahoma loses three or more games this year, Bob Stoops will be replaced by Houston’s Tom Herman.


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  1. Always glad to get the latest Willie Earl column.

    Banking on solid execution from the Horns and bush league broadcasting/commentary from LHN (Choo Choo Goes the 18-wheeler!).

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