Baylor Over/Under Results

In another exciting finish, the Baylor Over/Under went to the tiebreaker where rookie Eric Vogl emerged from a 9-way tie (that’s not a typo) to score his first career victory with 7 correct answers.  Vogl tied with Helen Frink, D.R. Flower, Greg Swan, Mark Adams, Mike Frank, Mitch Lewis, Wes Peoples, and David Bergstrom. Seven of those contestants got at least one of their tiebreaker picks wrong. Vogl nailed the tiebreaker by picking Iowa State and Texas A&M to beat the point spread and had Michigan beating Wisconsin. Helen Frink also picked the Cyclones and the Aggies but faltered with her prediction of a Wisconsin win over Michigan.  Helen takes second place money.

The average score was 6.1.

The 19 contestants this week were the most we’ve had so far for 2018. The all-time record for Over/Under contestants was set in the 2008 Oklahoma game when there were 24 contestants.

It should be noted that the grader awarded a point to all the contestants for question #10, how many golf balls Willie Earl would hit into various hazards over the weekend, regardless of their answer.  However, Willie Earl has made a note of those who answered over.

A Baylor post-game column will be published tomorrow.


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  1. Glad I don’t bet football anymore….”I can’t pick my nose”…..

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